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How do electives count toward my Liberal Arts degree?

Electives are any courses outside of the area, major, and minor requirements that you must complete in order to reach the 120-hour minimum necessary for graduation. Since you are also required to complete 36 upper-division hours, some of your electives must be upper-division courses.  After completing 30 hours of coursework, you may take up to 16 hours of electives pass/fail (though no more than two such courses per semester). If you fail a course designated as pass/fail, you will receive an F with its ensuing penalties.  Please remember that a course taken pass/fail may be used only as an elective. If you later change your mind about a major or minor designation, a course taken pass/fail may not be used to satisfy a requirement in the major or minor.  It is in choosing electives that you have the best opportunity to personalize your degree

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