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What happens if I drop a course?

Dropping a course means that you will no longer be registered for a course and therefore need not attend it.

If you drop a course through the 12th class day during a long session (fall or spring) or the 4th class day during a summer session, you may receive a refund and the course will be removed from your transcript - a delete drop. You cannot receive a refund on a dropped class after the 12th class day.

From the thirteenth class day through the deadline to drop a class for academic reasons (aka the mid-semester deadline) in a long-session semester, and from the fifth through the last class day in a summer term (exact dates are on the university calendar in the Registrar's Course Schedule), a student may drop a class only with the approval of his or her dean. Students must pick up a drop form, Add-Drop for Undergraduate Students, in the Liberal Arts Student Division (GEB 2.200) before 5 p.m. on Deadline Day. Students will be given no more than three business days to complete the process from the date that the form is picked up (except if picked up on the last class day in a summer session when there is no extra time given because the drop deadline is the last class day instead of the mid-semester deadline such as in fall and spring).

For graduating seniors and students on scholastic probation, consultation with the student's advisor is also required. In addition, the student’s dean determines whether the student is dropping the class for an academic or a nonacademic reason. If the dean determines that the reason is academic, the drop is counted toward the six-drop limit. Any drop whether academic or non-academic during this period is considered a Q-Drop; a “Q” identifies the drop on a students academic record. The number of Q-Drops a student can take may be limited, depending on the student’s first semester enrolled in a Texas public institution.

Dropping a class could affect ones scholastic status, full-time status, international status, financial aid, scholarships, student health insurance, and UT student housing. Please speak with an academic advisor if you need more specific information.

Also, students entering UT Austin in Fall 2007 or after will be limited to six Q drops for the entire undergraduate career. Official count for these students will begin during Fall 2008.

Download the Official Q-drop policy (PDF file)

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