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When and why should I ask a professor for an incomplete?

According to the General Information catalog, an incomplete (X ) grade
may be assigned when, through no fault of your own, you miss an exam or
some part of a course in the latter part of the semester. An incomplete
is given at the discretion of the instructor. You should not be
assigned an X to prepare coursework in addition to that assigned the
entire class, repeat the entire course, or to raise a grade. You should
not register for the course again. Instead, an X will be placed on your
transcript and you must complete the coursework by the end of the
following long semester. Failure to complete your work by this deadline
will result in your receiving a permanent F for the course. Extensions
of incompletes are not granted. Besides meeting the approved deadline,
you are also responsible for contacting the instructor to discuss the
details involved in completing the course. It is also your
responsibility to verify that the final grade for the course is
submitted by the instructor at the end of the semester.

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