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How do I withdraw from the University?

It is extremely important to follow the proper withdrawal procedures before leaving The University.

You must report to the Student Division in order to withdraw from The University; that is, to drop all of the courses you are enrolled in. It is not possible to withdraw from The University through ROSE. If you stop attending classes and do not complete the necessary paperwork to officially withdraw from The University, you will receive failing grades in all courses for the semester. These grades are averaged into your cumulative GPA and will not be removed from your transcript. You may withdraw up to approximately eight weeks into a long semester. If you withdraw within the first four weeks of a long semester, you will receive a partial refund.
See below for refund information:

* Before the first day of class - 100% (less a $15 matriculation fee)

* First five class days - 80%

* Second five class days - 75%

* Third five class days - 50%

* Fourth five class days - 25%

* After the fourth five class days - None

You may withdraw up until the last class day in a summer session. If you withdraw within the first six days of a summer session, you will receive a partial refund.

* Before the first day of class - 100% (less a $15 matriculation fee)
* First three class days - 80%

* Second three class days - 50%

* After the second three class days - None

If you need to withdraw for medical reasons of a physical nature, contact the University Health Services at (512) 471-4955. Withdrawals for mental health reasons are handled in the Counseling and Mental Health Center at (512) 475-6932. If a medical withdrawal is approved through one of these offices for the current semester, you are not required to complete withdrawal forms through the Student Division.

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