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Should I take the SAT Math Subject Test?

If you do not need to take Calculus and only want to seek credit for 3 hrs of Math, you can take the SAT subject test in Math I/II(http://ctl.utexas.edu/programs-and-services/student-testing-services/search-for-exams-by-type/) which awards credit for M305G if you achieve an appropriate score.

Beginning Fall 2010 an appropriate score on the ALEKS will be required to take most lower-division Math classes at UT including M408K, M408C, (or M408N), SSC302/304/305/306, M316, M303D, and M305G.  The ALEKS test does NOT award credit for any class; it is a test that assists with math placement and can be used as a learning component. An internal
website with ALEKS info is being developed and will be accessible in late April 2010.

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