Center for Asian American Studies
Center for Asian American Studies


Join the General AAS List
Anyone who is interested in Asian American Studies at UT is welcome to join the General AAS List. We send out a weekly digest featuring relevant events and opportunities during the school year. 

CAAS Faculty List
This list is for core faculty members. To join, please email

CAAS Affiliate List
This list is for affiliated faculty and teaching affiliates. To join, please email

Current AAS Majors and Minors List
To join this list, current students majoring and minoring in AAS can email

Graduate Portfolio List
This is a new listserv including all faculty affiliated with the graduate portfolio. To join, please email

Join the Pan Asian American Student Alliance (PAASA) List
PAASA is a registered student organization aimed at educating UT's student constituency about Asian American Studies and Asian American culture whilst organizing events explicitly and implicitly related to UT's Asian American population. This list will connect and communicate with the campus and community about organizing efforts and events supporting CAAS. 

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