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Heather Hindman

Assistant ProfessorPh.D., University of Chicago

Associate Professor
Heather Hindman



Critical development, entrepreneurialism, expatriate communities, social theory, global labor and gender


AAS 330 • Anthropology Of The Himalayas

35120 • Spring 2016
Meets TTH 200pm-330pm CLA 0.118
(also listed as ANS 361, ANT 324L)

This course looks at the history and culture of the Himalayan region, including Northeast India, (briefly) sections of Pakistan and Afghanistan, Tibet but especially Nepal. Some understanding of Asian history, politics and religion will be helpful (but not necessary) as our attempt will not be a comprehensive survey of the region. The Himalayas have been the site of a great deal of anthropological attention and as such we will be simultaneously be exploring several key theoretical, historical and methodological issues within the discipline of anthropology as we learn about places and people in the region. Particular attention will be paid to the area as a site for negotiating identity (caste and indigeneity), development politics, the environment, tourism, diasporas as well as the current political tensions in the region. At the conclusion of the class, students should have a stronger idea of the important role this area has played in the political, religious and social imagination of the world and an appreciation of concepts such as ritual theory, social movements, modernity and gender studies

AAS 330 • Asian Mobilities

35300 • Spring 2015
Meets TTH 200pm-330pm PAR 210
(also listed as ANS 361)

Flags: Global Cultures and Writing

Selected topics in south and east Asian anthropology, economics, history, geography, government, art, music, and philosophy.  Specific offerings are listed in the Course Schedule.  Asian Studies 320 and 361 may not both be counted unless the topics vary.  Prerequisite: Varies with the topic and is given in the Course Schedule.

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