Center for Asian American Studies
Center for Asian American Studies

Degree Plan

To earn a degree in Asian American Studies each student must complete the area requirements for Liberal Arts. Degree plans are available online.

Major Requirements:

The undergraduate Asian American Studies major in the College of Liberal Arts requires 24 semester hours of coursework in addition to all other Liberal Arts area requirements.

  • 3 hours AAS 301 Introduction to Asian American Studies
  • 3 hours in AAS 320 Topics in AA Culture, Literature, and Media Studies
  • 3 hours in AAS 325 Topics in Economics, History or Government OR AAS 330 Topics in Anthropology, Geography or Sociology.
  • 15 additional hours of Asian American Studies
  • At least 18 out of 24 total hours must be upper-division

Minor Requirements:

12 hours (including 6 upper-division) in one subject or area outside the major.

Degree Plans: