College of Liberal Arts

Teaching Initiatives

Our office is sometimes tasked with developing new or updating existing program initiatives. These include academic service-learning courses, internships, and proposals for the Transforming Undergraduate Education program.

Academic Service Learning

Academic service-learning is a pedagogical model that intentionally integrates community service, academic learning, and civic learning.

Because academic service-learning is integrated into discipline-based academic curricula, courses from across the curriculum can take advantage of this pedagogical model. Faculty interested in developing academic service-learning courses are asked to create these courses from the perspective of how the course and the activity in the community advance scholarship and effective teaching.

For more information on the certification criteria and process, please see:

Course Transformation Program

Currently in its first year, the Course Transformation Program (CTP) is an initiative of the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, supported through work by the Center for Teaching and Learning. The program is designed to promote higher levels of success across the university's large, lower-division gateway courses. Over the next three to five years, CTL will partner with faculty to redesign eight to ten such courses.

Led by Vice Provost and Director Gretchen Ritter, the Course Transformation Program is a central element in President Powers’ campaign to make UT Austin a leader in reinventing higher education for the 21st century.  It aims to redesign large enrollment, lower division classes to improve student learning and advance educational excellence.

The Letter of Intent Deadline for the 2013 round of projects was December 21, 2012.


The purpose of these undergraduate courses is to establish the academic foundations of the students’ internship. Students will integrate knowledge derived from their academic studies with the experiences gained from real-world work settings. The internship presents an opportunity for academic and professional growth. Internship classes will support these work experiences by fostering analytical, interpersonal, and communications skills.

For more information, please see Academic Policies.

Transforming Undergraduate Education Program Proposals

The purpose of the “Transforming Undergraduate Education” program (TUE) was to stimulate creative approaches to instruction that increase student access and success while being cost-efficient or reducing instructional costs. The proposal deadline for the 2009-2010 academic year was Feb. 9, 2009. This program has not been renewed.

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