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Liberal Arts Advisory Council

The College of Liberal Arts Advisory Council is a dedicated group of volunteers who all share a passion for the liberal arts. Members are made up of both alumni and friends of the college.  Together with the dean, the Advisory Council works to further the college’s initiatives, both academic and philanthropic.

College of Liberal Arts Advisory Council, 2013-2014

Fields Alexander, Chair
Allison Wagner, Vice-Chair 

Photo Fields Alexander

Fields Alexander
Houston, TX
BA, English, 1987; JD, 1992

Photo Gordon Appleman

Gordon Appleman
Fort Worth, TX
BA, Economics, 1959; JD, Harvard, 1962

Photo Michael G. Appleman

Michael G. Appleman
Fort Worth, TX
BA, Plan II, 1990; JD, 1993

Mote Baird

Morton W. Baird, II
San Antonio, TX
BA, Plan II, 1971;JD 1975

Photo Stephen P. Ballantyne

Stephen P. Ballantyne
San Antonio, TX
BA, Economics, 1972; MBA, Finance, 1974; JD, 1977


Steve Baron
Dallas, TX
BBA, 1986; JD, 1988

Photo David Q. Bates Jr.

David Q. Bates, Jr.
San Antonio, TX
BA, History, 1975

Photo On The Way

Peggy A. Beckham
Abilene, TX
BA, Plan II, 1956

ann biggs

Ann R. Biggs
Fort Worth, TX
BA, Geography, 1972


Ann B. Brinkerhoff
Houston, TX
BA, Sociology, 1949

Photo Gary E. Bushell

Gary E. Bushell
Austin, TX
BA, Economics, 1964; JD, 1967

Photo Stephen R. Butter Jr.

Stephen R. Butter, Jr.
Austin, TX
BA, Plan II, 1993; BBA, Accounting, 1993; JD, 2003

Photo Cindy M. Carter

Cindy M. Carter
Dallas, TX
BBA, 1973

Photo Coby C. Chase

Coby C. Chase
Austin, TX
BA, Government, 1986


Stephen S. Coats
New York, NY
BA, Government, 1993; JD, 1997


James F. Cook
San Francisco, CA
BA, Economics, 1982

Photo Christi L. Craddick

Christi L. Craddick
Austin, TX
BA, Plan II, 1991; JD, 1995

Photo Christina Melton Crain Christina Melton Crain
Dallas, TX
BA, Government, 1988; JD, 1991

Shirley M. Dannenbaum
Houston, TX
BA, English, 1961

bill davidson

William C. Davidson, Jr.
Austin, TX
BA, Plan II, 1960; JD, 1963 

clarice davis

Clarice M. Davis
Dallas, TX
BA, Government, 1962; MA, Government, 1964; JD, 1968 

Photo Maureen H. Decherd

Maureen H. Decherd
Dallas, TX
BA, English, 1973


Paul DeCleva, Jr.
Dallas, TX
BA, Philosophy, 1975; JD, SMU

Photo On The Way

Thomas R. Delatour, Jr.
Beijing, China
BBA, Accounting, 1976


Robert B. Dupree
Fort Worth, TX
BA, Government, 1986


Mary Jane Edwards
Fort Worth, TX

Photo Robert B. Egan

Robert B. Egan
Sugar Land, TX
BA, Economics, 1963


Becky Baskin Ferguson
Midland, TX
BS, Radio-TV-Film, 1976


Mary Ann Frishman
Austin, TX
BA, Government, 1988; M.Ed., Curriculum & Instruction, 1997

larry germer

Lawrence L. Germer
Austin, TX
BA, Plan II, 1963; JD, 1966

Photo Julius Glickman

Julius Glickman
Houston, TX
BA, Plan II, 1962; JD, 1966


Jerry R. Grammer, Ph.D.
Austin, TX
BA, Sociology, 1969; MA, SMU, Psychology, 1972;
Ph.D., UT Southwestern Medical School Dallas, Psychology, 1982


Judye G. Hartman
Houston, TX
BA, Math, 1964


Jeff Hayes
Port Arthur, TX
BBA, 1962

lisa henken

Lisa C. Henken
Austin, TX
BA, Psychology, 1998

Photo Barbara Nelson Hinds

Barbara Nelson Hinds
Houston, TX
BA, Plan II, 1962

Photo Claire K. Holshouser

Claire K. Holshouser, M.D.
San Antonio, TX
MD, UT Health Sciences San Antonio 

Photo Harry L. Hudspeth

The Honorable Harry L. Hudspeth
Austin, TX
BA, Government, 1955; JD, 1958


Jerry L. Hughes
Austin, TX
BA, Plan II, 1960; JD, 1964

Photo Robert C. Hunter

Robert C. Hunter
Houston, TX
BA, Plan II, 1963


Melinda Nelson Jackson
Houston, TX
BA, Plan II, 1989; MBA, 1993

no image

Lenoir M. Josey, II
Houston, TX
BA, Plan II, 1964; LLB/JD, 1966; MBA, Harvard, 1968

dee kelly

Dee J. Kelly, Jr.
Fort Worth, TX
BA, History, 1982; JD, 1985

Photo Patricia Kelso

Patricia Kelso
San Francisco, CA

Photo Suzon S. Kemp

Suzon S. Kemp
Austin, TX
BA, Psychology, 2000

Photo John C. Kerr John C. Kerr
San Antonio, TX
JD, 1972
Photo Shirley F. Kline Shirley F. Kline
San Antonio, TX
BA, History, 1951

Sue Ellen Knolle, M.D.
Austin, TX
BA, Plan II, 1961; MD, UTMB Galveston, 1969


Whitney Lancaster
Darien, CT
BA, Economics, 1995; MBA, Columbia, 2002 


Ryan Latham
Midland, TX
BA, Plan II, 2005; JD, Baylor Law School, 2009

Photo William Livingston William Livingston, Ph.D.
Austin, TX
BA/MA, Ohio University; Ph.D., Yale University, 1950
mary jo loyd Mary Jo Loyd
Houston, TX
BA, Sociology, 1955
Photo Patrick S. Lutts Patrick S. Lutts
San Antonio, TX
BA, Economics, 1962

LaVonne Mason
Austin, TX
BS, Howard University, General Home Economics, 1969;
M.Ed., Prairie View A&M University, Guidance & Counseling, 1974


Charles Matthews
Dallas, TX
BA, Government, 1967; JD, University of Houston, 1970


James W. McBride
Washington, DC
BA, Plan II, 1961; JD, 1962

Photo Tara G. McCown Tara G. McCown
Dallas, TX
BA, Liberal Arts, 1971
Photo Melinda B. McFarland Melinda B. McFarland, M.D.
San Antonio, TX
BA, Plan II, 1985; M.D., University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, 1990

Kent McGaughy
Dallas, TX
BA, Plan II, 1994; MBA, Harvard

Photo Brian T. McLaughlin Brian T. McLaughlin
Midland, TX
BA, Plan II, 1983; JD, 1986

Richard T. McMillan II
Fort Worth, TX
BA, History, 2003; JD 2006

Photo Max K. Miller Max K. Miller, Ph.D.
Austin, TX
BS, Physics, 1957; MA, Mathematics, 1963; Ph.D., Mathematics, 1966
Photo Sylvia Miller Sylvia Miller
Austin, TX
Music Education, 1956

Mildred (Mimi) Rose Miran, Ph.D.
Aldie, VA
BA, History and International Studies, 1959; MA, Linguistics and Japanese, 1970; Ph.D., Lingusitics, 1975

Photo Katherine T. Mize Katherine T. Mize
Houston, TX
BA, English, 1989; JD, 1992

Luke Musselman
Midland, TX
BA, History, 2006

no image

Dudley Oldham
Houston, TX
BA, Chemistry, 1964; LLB/JD, 1966

no image

Robert L. Patton, Jr.
Fort Worth, TX
BBA, Finance, 1985; JD, St. Mary's University, 1988, LLM, SMU, 1989

Photo Jeane H. Pendery Jeane H. Pendery
Dallas, TX
BA, German, 1967
robert_phaneuf Robert E. Phaneuf
Broken Arrow, OK
BA, Psychology, 1968; MBA, Finance, 1972
russellpost Russell Post
Houston, TX
BA, Plan II, 1991; MA, History, Stanford University, 1992; JD, University of Virginia, 1996

Dan Prescott
Fort Worth, TX
BA, Plan II, 1966; JD, 1969


Emmy Lou Prescott
Fort Worth, TX
Mount Vernon College, Washington, DC

Ramsey Frances Morgan Ramsey
Austin, TX
Attended UT Plan II, 1957-1959; BA, English, SMU, 1961;MA, Comparative Literature, SMU, 1968
courtney_traweek Courtney Rau
Houston, TX
BA, French, 2007
Reynolds Bill Reynolds
San Antonio, TX
BA, Architecture, 1972; MBA, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, 1983

Harry M. Roberts, Jr.
Dallas, TX
BBA, SMU, 1960; LLB, Harvard Law School, 1963


Nancy Beth Roberts
Dallas, TX
BA, Plan II & History, 1961

Robinson Amy Abbey Robinson
San Antonio, TX
BA, Plan II, 1989; MBA, 1996; CIMA, Wharton, 2004
Photo Louan Rogers Louan Rogers
Midland, TX
BA, English, 1961
Aaron Simpson Aaron Simpson
New York, NY
BA, Government, 1997; JD, UVA, 2002
Photo David P. Smith Jr David P. Smith, Sr.
Dallas, TX
BA, Plan II, 1967; JD, 1968
terry smith Terry P. Smith
Houston, TX
BA, Plan II, 1981; JD, 1984
sandra_snyder Sandra E. Snyder
Dallas, TX
BA, Plan II, 1961
Will Snyder William N. Snyder
Dallas, TX
BA, Plan II, 1989; JD, 1992

Stuart Stedman
Houston, TX
BA, Plan II, 1979; MBA & JD, 1985


Louann A. Temple
Austin, TX
BA, English, 1956; MA, American Civilization, 1990

linda ryan thomas Linda Ryan Thomas
Longview, TX
BA, English, 1958
no image

John P. Thompson, Jr.
Dallas, TX
BA, SMU, Economics & Political Science, 1983

Photo Carolyn B. Townsend Carolyn B. Townsend
Dallas, TX
BA, English, 1966
Photo Peyton L. Townsend Peyton L. Townsend
Dallas, TX
BA, History, 1962
darryl_traweek Darryl W. Traweek
Cypress, TX
BBA, Marketing, 1982
Photo Richard Vigness Richard Vigness, M.D.
Fort Worth, TX
BA, History, 1977
Photo Allison E. Wagner Allison E. Wagner
Fort Worth, TX
BA, English, 1983

Patrick P. Walker
Dallas, TX
BA, Plan II, 1994; BBA Finance, 1994; MBA, Stanford, 1999

Photo Tom Ward Tom Ward
Washington, DC
BA, Government, 1954
Photo Marilyn M. White Marilyn M. White
Plano, TX
BA, Mathematics, 1959