American Studies

Rebecca Rossen

Affiliate FacultyPh.D.(2006), Northwestern University

Assistant Professor
Rebecca Rossen



Modern and postmodern dance, staging of identity in physical performance, relationship between research and practice


Dancing Jewish: Jewish Identity in American Modern and Postmodern Dance (book in progress, under contract with Oxford University Press).

“Uneasy Duets: Contemporary American Dances about Israel and the Mideast Crisis,” TDR: The Drama Review 55:3 (Fall 2011): 40–49.

“Hasidic Drag: Jewishness, Gender, and Transvestitism in the Modern Dances of Pauline Koner and Hadassah,” Feminist Studies 37:2 (Summer 2011).


“Teaching History: Ruth St. Denis & Ted Shawn,” Dance Teacher Magazine 29:10 (October 2007): 120–24.

“Teaching History: Mary Wigman,” Dance Teacher Magazine 29: 4 (April 2007): 74–79.

The Jewish Man and His Dancing Shtick: Stock Characterization and Jewish Masculinity in Postmodern Dance,” in You Should See Yourself: Jewish Identity in Postmodern American Culture, Vincent Brook, ed. (Rutgers: Rutgers University Press, 2006), 137–154. 

“Moving Through the Interspace: Emio Greco/PC’s Orfeo ed Euridice,” Opera Quarterly 22: 1 (Winter 2006): 144–47.

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