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The End of Austin: Digital Humanities Project

Mon, January 21, 2013
We are pleased to announce the release of our first issue of The End of Austin
TEOA is a new project that explores urban identity in Austin, Texas. Our goal is to bring together different kinds of voices—academic, artistic, activist—to start a conversation about life in the fastest growing city in the US. 
Issue number one includes Katie Stewart, Jason Mellard, Jan Reid, Bob Bednar, Thor, Andrew Busch, Susan Floyd, Elliot Tretter, Caroline Koebel, Richard Parker, the band Fluoxetine, and many other original voices and visions. Anthropology, creative writing, music, journalism, photography, history, geography and especially our home base of American Studies---it's all in there. Even an animation of real "Austin is dying" laments including the ever-popular, "Austin was so much cooler before you got here." 
Please check us out at and join the conversation about Austin's rapidly changing identity. And feel free to share this announcement with your friends and colleagues.
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