Department of Anthropology

Doctoral Student Gabrielle Russo Receives Award for Excellence in Graduate Research

Mon, May 14, 2012
Gabrielle Russo with her advisor, Dr. Liza Shapiro
Gabrielle Russo with her advisor, Dr. Liza Shapiro

Anthropology doctoral student Gabrielle Russo has received a 2012 Excellence in Graduate Research Award. The award was established by the Graduate School and University Co-op to recognize outstanding research that is substantially in progress. 

Gabrielle's dissertation research is on the functional morphology of mammalian sacra and caudal vertebrae and focuses on its implications for tail loss and positional behaviors in extinct primates. She is working on improving our understanding of how spinal anatomy is associated with tail length, trunk posture, and locomotion among living primates and hopes to utilize these results to reconstruct these features in extinct primates.  

Congratulations to Gabrielle for this very well-deserved recognition!

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