Texas Army ROTC
Texas Army ROTC

UT Army ROTC Conducts Change of Command Ceremony

Fri, January 19, 2007

The symbolic portion of the ceremony was the ceremonial passing of the battalion colors (battalion flag). In this portion of the ceremony, the outgoing command sergeant major (C/CSM Cody Cheek) handed the colors to the outgoing commander (C/LTC Matthew W.P. Burgoon). The outgoing commander then passed the colors to the Professor of Military Science (LTC Kevin A. Vizzarri) signifying the return of the responsibility which he was entrusted upon assuming command. The PMS then passed the colors to the incoming commander (C/LTC Benjamin Fizzell), thus demonstrating his confidence in the new commander’s ability handle the responsibility of command and ensure the unit is one of discipline and trained in the basics of soldiering. The incoming commander having received the colors, the assumption of command order was read by the Cadet S1 (Adjutant / Personnel Officer) marking the official change of command. Finally, the colors are returned to the cadets via the new command sergeant major (C/CSM Sean Zerger).

Notes: Cadet Fizzell formerly served as the Cadet Battalion XO as a C/MAJ. Cadet Zerger formerly served as an assistant S3 as a C/1LT. Cadet Cheek will assume the position of Cadet S3 (Operations Officer) as a C/MAJ. Cadet Burgoon will assume the position of Cadet S5 (Recruiting Operations Officer) as a C/MAJ.

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