Texas Army ROTC
Texas Army ROTC

Commanding General Visits UT

Tue, March 25, 2008

His main talking points were about his perception of the three types of people in the world and the six things that he looks for in a young officer. He listed the three types of people as sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs. Sheep are those who have no capacity for valor and rely on others to protect them. Wolves are those who take advantage of the sheep and who have no empathy, but who are capable of valor. Sheepdogs are also capable of valor, but unlike the wolves, they care deeply for and protect the sheep. Wolves must constantly run from sheepdogs.

The six things that MG Winfield looks for in a young officer are passion, imagination, innovation, energy, the ability to energize others, and execution. He elaborated on each of these and the cadets became actively involved in the speech. The cadets had a unique opportunity to directly ask the CG of Cadet Command any questions they had about the accessions process or cadet command curriculum.

A few cadets took advantage of this, and asked thought-provoking questions that surprised MG Winfield and caused him to reconsider how some things have been occurring. Overall, it was an interesting and valuable opportunity to meet our Commanding General and to gain as much information and advice from him as we could.

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