Texas Army ROTC
Texas Army ROTC

ROTC Cadets Welcomed by Seniors

Mon, September 18, 2006

The fourteen UT seniors that make up the battalion staff worked hard all week preparing to indoctrinate and initiate junior cadets. The staff is comprised of MS IV cadets who have been through the Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) at Fort Lewis Washington. Incoming Cadets were allowed to ask questions about the ROTC program, its requirements, and its benefits. Then junior cadets were split into groups. These groups were given the opportunity to work as a team for the first time this semester as they solved puzzles designed to test leaders. In addition to being issued uniforms, all cadets were allowed to engage targets in simulated combat using paintball guns.

At the end of the day cadets finished up their paper work while some watched Bill Murray’s military antics in “Stripes” (1981), or spent time getting to know their fellow cadets. During this period many cadets joined the Ranger Challenge team or Color Guard team. The orientation was a smashing success and a great way to start an exiting year of military training.

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