Texas Army ROTC
Texas Army ROTC

J. Alan Waters, Jr. earns his commission

Thu, August 11, 2005

Since its conception in 1953 the program has commissioned over one thousand Second Lieutenants into the Army, and on Thursday we were given that great honor once again. Hard work paid off as 2LT J. Alan Waters was sworn in to the Army as a Second Lieutenant by Major Phillip Archer.

J. Alan Waters Jr. is at the forefront of a long proud history of Waters men who have all served their country as infantrymen. But in four generations of service he is the first of them all to receive a commission. 2LT Waters originally enlisted in the Army as an enlisted man and served for three years in the 4th Infantry Division, 94th General Hospital at Ft. Hood, TX as an Army Medic. Upon completion of his service, he decided to make the transition and got involved in the ROTC program here at UT. When asked what he'll miss most about UT, he doesn't even hesitate: The football games. 2LT Waters plans to attend Medical School in the next year and finish his residency in an Army Hospital. His long-term plan is to retire from the Military after serving as an Army Doctor.

Though the commissioning ceremony was brief, the impact it had was great as 2LT Water's father J. Alan Waters, a retired Infantry 1st Sergeant, stepped in front of him after he took the oath of commissioning and rendered him his first salute. The ceremony was attended by his father, his mother, and his girlfriend Jessica.

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