Texas Army ROTC
Texas Army ROTC

Weapons FTX 2008

Thu, March 6, 2008

On Friday, the cadets arrived and settled into the barracks at Camp Bullis, Texas. Then, they went right into more in-depth classes about rifle marksmanship. MS I/II cadets were with SFC Gamboa, MS I/III instructor, using mock M-16s and M-4s to practice the firing positions of prone, kneeling, and standing. He taught them how to transition into each position and the best time to use them. In the barracks, CPT McFarland, MS III instructor, gave the MS III/IV cadets an interactive and helpful briefing on Advanced Rifle Marksmanship. He discussed external and internal factors that affect where a round will end up, including rifling of the barrel, wind, temperature, and humidity. Cadets then enjoyed a meal at the Dining Facility (DFAC) and returned for platoon training for the remainder of the evening. Some primary topics that the platoon leaders went over were first aid, enemy prisoner of war protocol, and patrolling.

The next morning after another hot meal at the DFAC, MS III/IV cadets drove to the range to zero their rifles. Most cadets did so in fewer than 12 rounds. After all cadets completed this, they moved to the pop-up target range. Unfortunately, the fog did not allow cadets to see the further targets, and cadets were unable to shoot on this range. Instead, they headed back to the zero range and used some modified targets that varied in size to simulate the varied distances on the pop-up target range. Meanwhile, the MS I/II cadets were running patrols in the wooded area of Camp Bullis. They learned a great deal more about movement maneuver than they are able to for the hour and a half they have at lab. In the afternoon, they joined the MS III/IV cadets at the range and began shooting, as well. It was several cadets’ first time shooting, but the results were very good overall.

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