Texas Army ROTC
Texas Army ROTC

Texas Army ROTC Wins Ranger Challenge Competition

Wed, October 27, 2010
Close-up of the co-ed 1st place trophy
Close-up of the co-ed 1st place trophy

The Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) Ranger Challenge Team is a collegiate, competitive team that trains cadets to combine the physical, mental and tactical techniques that are required by many U S Army units. These requirements create a comprehensive foundation of skills in warfare and promote creative solutions to the problems involved in many situations.

The Texas Army ROTC competed in the two day Ranger Challenge Competition that included nine other ROTC programs throughout Texas.  The competition that is designed to challenge cadets mentally and physically, enhance leadership, critical thinking, and team cohesion, develop healthy competition among battalions and help retain cadets. It includes a physical fitness test and 10 kilometer foot march with over 40 lbs., a written exam, a first aid /obstacle course, a hand grenade assault course, day and night orienteering that spans over 10 cross country miles, and a rifle assembly and disassembly competition.  
The Army ROTC team will now go on to compete in an international competition in West Point.

Army ROTC Ranger Challenge team members

Pictured from left to right: Colonel Bridget Rourke (5th ROTC Brigade Commander), Cadet Jessica Deason, Cadet Peter Dobler, Cadet Joe Wishart, Cadet Margarita Fox, Cadet Briana Ellingson, Cadet Francisco Betancourt, Cadet Romeo Tcheutchua, Cadet Mason Simmons, Master Sergeant Martin Silva Jr.

Army ROTC Ranger Challenge team members with guidon

All team members with the guidon. The guidon has winning streamers for the following events: Patroling/First Aid/Written Examination, Weapons assembly, Day Land Navigation, Night Land Navigation.

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