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Tue, August 27, 2013
Cadet Bonneau at the Dorasan Observatory.
Cadet Bonneau at the Dorasan Observatory.

17 Texas Army Cadets, through their own merit, received invitations for different types of specialized training this summer. Schools attended were: 


Cadets attending CTLT were Christina Bonneau, Allegra Boutch, Jarmarion Jenkins and Justin Wyett.


Cadet Bonneau attended Cadet Troop Leader Training in Yongsan, South Korea. She shares her experiences: “I learned the duties and responsibilities of a company executive officer while with HHD, 524th MI (Military Intelligence)." I got to participate in a shoot house, conduct a convoy brief and be the assistant convoy commander, prepare and present a MK19 range back brief in addition to other routine activities like writing memos or conducting inventories. I also learned about the capabilities of the other line companies in 524th BN and even got to shadow a Medical Service Corp officer for a day. The best part was definitely meeting the people and experiencing the culture. The Officers and NCOs in the company were always willing to teach me about what they did as staff or lessons they've learned over the years. I got to see the sights around Seoul, including palaces, the war museum, street markets and some of the bustling nightlife. As a group of cadets, we went on a Joint Security Area and DMZ tour and of course sampled a lot of the local cuisine" -Bonneau


Cadet Boutch attended Cadet Troop Leader Training in Honolulu, HI. She shares her experiences:  "There, I discovered the camaraderie that the army is so loved for, and working with the Soldiers- even though I was not an officer- they went to great lengths to respect me and had great advice for the future. My best day with them was when we did a 7 mile run, mostly uphill, around the base. We sang cadence and encouraged one another the whole way through" -Boutch


Cadet Jenkins attended Cadet Troop Leader Training in Georgia. Here is what he had to say:  

"I was part of the 1-15 IN in the 3rd ID, Crusader Company and was with an Armor company. I learned a great deal of information from my LT's about leadership, relationships with NCO's, and learning how to be open to knowledge and all experiences. I would highly recommend all cadets to do this" -Jenkins


Cadet Wyett attended Cadet Troop Leader Training in Lawton, OK. Here is what he had to say:

"Ft. Sill Oklahoma, Part of the 2-4 Fires Brigade, 696th FA [Field Artillery], shadowed a PL for a week, then acted as PL for the remaining 2 weeks. I learned that places like Ft Sill are as fun as you make it, and having good relationships with your Soldiers will go further than being super! Hooah! "-Wyett


Cadet Eric Flores attended Air Assault School for 10 days learning Combat Assault, Slingload Operations, and Rappelling. He placed top 10 in the competition 12 mile ruck march.


Cadet Travis Strahan spent 3 weeks attending Airborne school learning the delicacies of departing a mid-flight plane.  He was trained in the Parachute Landing Fall, progressing from a 36 ft tower to a 250 ft tower and eventually from the C-130 aircraft.


Cadets attending Leader's Training Course were Cadets Larry Tran and Michael Beiter. This school is a four week crash course designed to provide new cadets with skills typically learned in their first two years, providing them the opportunity to move into their third year course. 

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