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Thu, August 29, 2013
Cadet Willis-the poster child of LDAC 2013.
Cadet Willis-the poster child of LDAC 2013.

This summer, Texas Army ROTC sent 14 cadets to the U.S. Army's premier school for developing leadership skills (LDAC) at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. Highlights included Land Navigation, Confidence (obstacle course) Training, Field Leader's Reaction Course, Chemical/Biological/Nuclear/Explosive Training, U.S. Weapons Familiarization, Cultural Awareness, First Aid, Battlefield/Combat Skills, and Tactics. (More info at: http://www.cadetcommand.army.mil/training/op-warriorforge.aspx). Cadets from around the nation receive 1 of 3 ratings. N (not satisfactory), S (Satisfactory), and E (Excellent). We are pleased to have produced our most successful class in recent years. Each summer, roughly 10% of these nationwide cadets receive the rating E from each summer. However, almost half of Texas Army cadets received an E, and all others received an S.


The following cadets received and ‘E’ rating: Cadet Christina Bonneau, Cadet Eric Flores, 2LT Roy Gann, Cadet Paul Hanneman (Recondo), Cadet Ronnie Willis, and Cadet Cole Wisniewski.


The following cadets were end of camp commissionees: 2LT Roy Gann and 2LT John Mark Fowler. 2LT Roy Gann hopes to branch Signal Intelligence. 2LT John Mark Fowler plans to serve in the Georgia National Guard in the 876th Engineer Company in Toccoa, GA.


Our seniors will receive branch assignments and duty stations this fall. Through their hard work, our cadets have become the best in the nation. We are also pleased to welcome them back for one more academic year where they will use their experience to develop our younger cadets.


Up for the challenge? Find more info here: http://warriorforge2013.wordpress.com/

Or contact Texas Army Scholarship & Enrollment Officer,

Luis R Sandoval: E-mail: mailto:luis.r.sandoval@austin.utexas.edu; Phone: 512-232-5397

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