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Please verify with Enrollment officer before registering for classes. Please search for ‘Military Science’ classes if you are attending one of the partnership schools to find the unique number that corresponds with your university.

MS: 101: Basic Military Science I-A

Unique # 45025: MW 10am- 11am

Prerequisites: None. New Cadets and Incoming Freshman

MS 210: Basic Military Science II-A

Unique #: 45030: MW 1pm-2pm

Prerequisites: None. Sophomores or prior service students

MS 320: Advanced Military Science III-A

Unique #: 45035: TTH 2pm- 330pm

Prerequisites: Completion of MS I & II/LTC/Basic Training

MS 375: Leadership and Ethics (IV-A)

Unique #: 45040: TTH 9am- 10am

Prerequisites: Completion of MS I,II, & III

MS 379: Advanced Military Science V-A

Unique #: 45090: TTH 8am- 930am

Prerequisites: Approval by PMS Needed

MS000: Leadership Lab

Unique #: 45020: TTH 330-530pm

Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment with MS Class.

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