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Emeritus Requests

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Emeritus titles may be given to a retired member of the faculty or in anticipation of the retirement of a faculty member, effective upon retirement.

How It Works

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  1. Budget Council or EC vote to give emeritus status to faculty member.
  2. The department chair sends the dean a brief request letter nominating the candidate for emeritus status, plus the candidate’s c.v. The letter should state what the departmental vote was and should briefly explain why this person should be emeritus
  3. Dean forwards request to provost for final approval.
  4. Departments will be notified by Gail Davis once the emeritus request has been approved.


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Tips or FAQs

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  • Emeritus nomination letters should be done as early as possible. The Provost’s Office appreciates knowing who has been nominated as emeritus prior to the provost’s annual faculty retirement dinner, held in May, so that all retirees designated emeritus can be recognized.

Last Modified: 3 August 2009