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Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies
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Welcome to the Clark Center!

The Clark Center was created during Australia's 1988 Bicentenary to make ties between UT-Austin and Australia (which dated back to the World War II period) more concrete. The University honored President Johnson's Ambassador to Australia during the difficult Vietnam War years by giving his name to the Center. A decade later, New Zealand Studies were added to the Center's program.

The Center conducts a wide array of research studies, many in collaboration with Australian and New Zealand scholars, that focus on the antipodean countries and their relations with the U.S.: political and legal issues and institutions; trade and related economic issues; immigration and multiculturalism; issues of ethnicity, race, and gender; ecology and energy questions; the histories, literatures, film and art of Australia and New Zealand.

Although the Clark Center does not operate a teaching or degree program, it works with relevant University departments to foster undergraduate courses about Australia and New Zealand, and it helps fund and supervise graduate student research on the two countries. Although the Center is unable to offer visiting scholars fellowships, it welcomes their affiliation with the Center while in Austin.

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