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Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies

Recent Publications on Australia and New Zealand

Robert Shaffer, “Judicial Oversight in the Comparative Context: Biodiversity Protection in the US, Australia, and Canada,” 43(2) Environmental Law Reporter (2013).

Michael Wilding and the Fiction of Instant Experience: Stories, Novels, and Memoirs, 1963-2012

by Don Graham. This year Don Graham, J. Frank Dobie Regents Professor of American and English Literature at the University of Texas at Austin, published his latest book, Michael Wilding and the Fiction of Instant Experience: Stories, Novels, and Memoirs, 1963-2012 (Teneo Press). Wilding’s many contributions to Australian literature have been overlooked in recent years. With this book, Graham seeks to restore Wilding to the forefront of Australia literature and help to revive Australian literary studies.  His interest in Wilding grew out of his participation in 1991 in a faculty exchange program that the Clark Center’s founding director, John Higley, organized between the University of Texas and the University of Sydney. Graham is also to be congratulated for receiving a Regents Outstanding Teaching Award in 2013. To order a copy, visit Teneo Press Online.

The Almost Magic Pudding: A Brief History and Overview of Australian Materials at the Library of Congress

by Arthur Emerson, Australia/New Zealand Specialist at the Library of Congress This paper was recently presented at the ANZSANA conference in Georgetown. He has most generously provided a copy of this paper for us to share via our web site.
The Other Special Relationship: The United States and Australia at the Start of the 21st Century
Edited by Jeffrey D. McCausland, Douglas T. Stuart, William Tow, Michael Wesley
This volume summarizes the major findings of U. S. and Australian strategic thinkers about "The Other Special Relationship." They gathered four times, on two continents, to discuss issues ranging from foreign policy, economics and business, domestics politics and public opinion, to security and defense affairs.
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Multiethnic Australia: Its History and Future
MacLeod, Celeste Lipow
After once striving to keep its population white and predominantly British, Australia changed course. Since 1947 it has peacefully absorbed six million immigrants from some 240 countries, places and ethnic regions, with growing numbers coming from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The book blends past and present to show why the change happened, the conflicts it caused and the benefits it brought.
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