Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies
Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies

Useful Links for Australia and New Zealand Studies

Australia and New Zealand Studies Association of North America
ANZSANA provides a forum for discussing issues of common interest among participants in Australian & New Zealand Studies programs throughout North America.

AAALS: American Association of Australian Literary Studies
AAALS is the largest and most active forum for Australian Studies in North America. It publishes a journal, Antipodes, of Australian literature and literary criticism plus a newsletter and organizes a major conference once a year.

Aboriginal Languages of Australia
There are more than 200 Australian Indigenous languages. Less than 20 languages are strong, and even these are endangered: the others have been destroyed, live in the memories of the elderly, or are being revived by their communities. This site has annotated links to 231 resources for about 80 languages. About 35% of these resources are produced or published by Indigenous people.

Australian Embassy, Washington, D.C.
The Australian Embassy provides diverse information on political, cultural, and economic subjects and activities of interest to both Australia and the United States.

Australian Government and Politics Database
A database of parties, elections, government and representation for state and federal parliaments since 1890.

Australian Humanities Review
Peer-reviewed interdisciplinary electronic journal on Australia published quarterly with regular updates every two weeks.

Australian Parliamentary Library
Provides an excellent means of getting to publications of the Australian Parliament such as Bills, Acts, Hansard from 1995 on, or Parliamentary Papers. It also includes publications by the Parliamentary Library such as Background Papers and Bills Digests and Monthly Economic and Social Indicators or biographical material on Senators and Members, profiles of electoral districts, etc.

Australia & New Zealand and Pacific Government and Politics on the Internet
A list of resources created by the The School of Politics, International Relations & the Environment at Keele University.

Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies at Georgetown University.
Established in 1995 with funding from the Governments of Australia and New Zealand, the Center offers a program of courses devoted to the study of these countries. Areas of disciplinary interest include history, government, international affairs, sociology and literature. Georgetown is the only university in North America that offers an undergraduate Certificate in Australian and New Zealand Studies.

National Library of Australia
Australia's largest library and a rich source of information. Includes links to many Internet sites as well as resources maintained by the library.

National Library of New Zealand
Collects maintains literature and information resources that relate to New Zealand and the Pacific. Includes many links as well as information about the library's resources.

New Zealand Embassy, Washington, D.C.
The New Zealand Embassy provides diverse information on political, cultural, and economic subjects and activities of interest to both New Zealand and the United States.

New Zealand Government Online
This website provides an overview of New Zealand and its government, access to government services information and employment opportunities, as well as government agency contact details.

New Zealand Parliament
The Internet site for New Zealand's House of Representatives.

Menzies Centre for Australian Studies
Established in the University of London in 1982, the Centre is endowed by the Australian Government with additional funding from Monash University, the Menzies Memorial Foundation, and subscriptions from a number of Australian universities. Its object is to promote Australian studies in British and European universities.

New Zealand's Information Network
Promotes and supports travel and tourism in New Zealand, specialising in transportation and accommodation, but also about 'all things New Zealand'.

WSSA: Western Social Science Association
WSSA is a group committed to multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarship, service, and collegiality. The association's mission is to encourage multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary exchange and to foster professional study, advance research, and promote the teaching of the social sciences. Australian & New Zealand Centers and Governmental Agencies