Center for Arabic Study Abroad
Center for Arabic Study Abroad

General Information

CASA Applicants

Before applying to CASA, please carefully read all the various parts of this section for applicants, in addition to the information contained in Programs.


If interested in applying to the CASA I program, candidates will be required to complete a 3-part application process which includes:

  1. Submitting an application form with supporting documents.
  2. Taking an Selection Exam to assess listening, reading and writing proficiency skills.
  3. If selected for a CASA Fellowship, participating in a phone interview to rate your speaking abilities.

There are important details regarding each of the components above throughout this section, please be sure to read all the information thoroughly as you complete this application process. The CASA application is quite extensive, so please allow ample time to complete the forms and to obtain all supporting documents required. In preparation for the Selection Exam, it is suggested to review the sample exams posted here

APPLYING FOR THE CASA II PROGRAM (Suspended for 2014-2015)

If interested in applying to the CASA II program, candidates will be required to complete the CASA II application and participate in a phone interview with the CASA Executive Director. In most cases, a selection written exam will NOT be required; however, this is contingent upon individual circumstances. 

Important details about completing the application and the oral interview is available in this section for applicants.  Please read this information thoroughly, and refer to our Forms section for the application form.

Please contact the CASA Stateside Administrative office if you have questions regarding the application process.