Center for Arabic Study Abroad
Center for Arabic Study Abroad

CASA Oral Interview

The oral interview aims to assess an applicant's level of speaking proficiency in Arabic.  It consists of a 15-20 minute telephone conversation conducted by a certified and experienced oral proficiency tester. Questions about one's life, family, education, hobbies, past, present and future plans, and daily activities are topics that may be included in this conversation. In order to help CASA gauge the depth and breadth of an applicant's vocabulary, interviews have also included discussions about current social, political, economic and cultural issues.  Being an active participant in the interview is highly recommended. The questions will be given in FuSHaa, but the applicant should feel free to use Amiyya and mix it with FuSHaa as she/he sees fit. The main objective of the interview is to see how well an applicant can speak Arabic and to determine one's proficiency in switching and mixing the two varieties (FuSHaa & Amiyya).


Oral proficiency interviews are conducted only with applicants who have been selected and admitted into the program.  The selected fellows will be contacted in April with instructions on proceeding with this interview after confirming their enrollment in the program.  For CASA II and III applicants, an interview will be conducted in early March with the CASA Executive Director for those being considered for a fellowship.

CASA will provide each fellow with contact information for the interviewer so that a date and time for the phone interview can be arranged.  At the agreed-upon time, the CASA fellow should call the designated interviewer at the telephone number provided for the interview session. CASA, unfortunately, does not have the financial resources to pay for these calls, so interviews will be conducted via Skype.  If a fellow is able to work out an arrangement with their department or center to use their telephone during the interview, please notify the CASA Administrative office upon coordinating this appointment. Interviews must be conducted in a quiet place without interruptions. At the end of these sessions, CASA will be notified by the interviewer of the proficiency rating for each fellow.