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Applications - Please see the Application Guide

For 2014-2015, CASA has an online application that requires a UT EID for login access.  To create an EID for the CASA application, please refer to section 1 of the Application Guide and follow the instructions provided.  

NOTE ABOUT THE APPLICATION:  CASA's online application can be resumed, which means it can be saved if you need to return to it at a later date; however, you must answer all required sections on the page you are currently working on in order to proceed to the next section. 

  • This application will not allow you to skip ahead. 
  • The save and continue option for this application works by placing a cookie on your browser that keeps track of your progress.  Please return to the same Internet browser & computer the survey was started on.  Simply exit out of the application to close and save your session.
  • To successfully resume where you left off, please use the same link to return to the application and once it's complete, please hit the "DONE" button and it will be submitted to CASA for your file. 
  • There is a back button (<) to make edits on previous pages completed; however, the back button may not be available for all pages once you return to a saved application.  It is suggested to make edits, if possible, in a current session.
  • Applicants have 1 month to return to the survey and finish their responses.  After 1 month, the responses will be recorded as-is. 
  • Please note that applications can only be submitted ONCE.  If you find that you need your application deleted from the system, please contact the CASA Stateside office.

For assistance with the application, please refer to the Application Guide.  Applications WILL NOT be considered complete until all REQUIRED supporting application forms below are submitted to the CASA Stateside office by the application deadline.  

  • 2014-2015 CASA I APPLICATION (No longer available)
    for Full-Year Program
    for recent CASA Alumni (Suspended for 2014-2015)
    for Faculty (Suspended for 2012-2015)

Supporting Application Forms

In order to complete your CASA application, the following supporting application materials are REQUIRED AND MUST BE SUBMITTED in addition to the online application.  Please submit materials and payments to the CASA Stateside Office at UT-Austin by the application deadline.  Please print out forms, original signatures are required for medical forms and references.

  • Official Transcripts
    (submit a transcript of each institution listed on your application)
  • Letters of Recommendation with the CASA Confidential Reference Form 
    (minimum of 3 for CASA I and minimum of 2 for CASA II)
  • CASA Medical Forms
  • CASA Application Fee - Please make checks or money orders payable to "UT-AUSTIN/CASA."
  • For CASA II applicants - Please include a copy of your Curriculum Vitae.

All application payments must be mailed to the CASA Stateside Office at UT-Austin; however, supporting materials, such as transcripts, letters of recommendation and CASA medical forms, can be submitted to CASA electronically at

Forms For Recently Selected Fellows

Admissions Packet

Before downloading the admissions packet, please read carefully all the information contained in the Fellows section. PLEASE NOTE: NEW ADMISSION PACKETS ARE POSTED IN EARLY MARCH FOR EACH NEW ACADEMIC YEAR. 

For 2013-2014 Programs: CASA Program Dates 2013-2014 in Amman, Jordan
For 2014-2015 Program: CASA Program Dates 2014-2015 (Available April 2014)

Part I of the Admissions Packet is due March 28, 2014.
Part II of the Admissions Packet is due May 1, 2014.

  • 2014-2015 CASA I Cairo Admission Packet (Available March 2014)