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Advisory Update from CASA Executive Director

Thu, September 13, 2012

13 Sept. 2012 from CASA Executive Director

Dear CASA Fellows,

SabaH el fol!

Hope you are all keeping very well and are prepared to have a relaxing weekend !

As you all very well know, that across the Muslim world, there is an upheated anger and indignation due to the movie that insulted the Profet Mohammed. People have been calling for protests this Friday after midday prayers. Some analysts claim that attacks against U.S. government buildings, assets and businesses are possible (around the Muslim world). It is therefore adviseable that we act wisely and sensibly today. It would be advisable to avoid places associated with the United States or Western interests, such as embassies or hotels, and keep a very low profile on the streets today.

I hope that you all are receiving the safety public notices alerts sent by AUC by mail or sometimes by phone.

Just in case of an emmergency, make sure to :

1-Update your information on , if you have not done so as advised during the fall Orientation.

2- Check your email regularly.

3- Keep your cell phone open at all times, in case we need to contact you

4- Do not go downtown or near places of the demonstrations or places that the AUC emergency news has prohibited..

5- Make sure you have enough credit on your cell phone, in case you need to make phone calls

6- You have my cell number add to it also Wassima's , Hany's & Moheb's, just in case for any unforseen reason you need to get in touch and cannot get to me.

7- Update your emergency phone# list given by AUC from the attached Power point presentation.

8- Please contact your parents and assure them of your safety as they can be worried if they are following the news their end and not hearing from you. You can also give them the URL: so they can follow AUC 's emergency news site.

9- Should you have any concerns or need any help at any time, please call me any time of the day or night.

Please understand that these are just precautionary instructions to assure your safety and well being at all times, so do not worry. Finally I wish you all a very pleasant week end and do hope that things will calm down soon.


Dr. Iman Soliman, CASA Executive Director, AUC

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