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Sharmila Rudrappa, Director BUR 556, Mailcode A2200, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-232-9468

Approved Portfolio Courses

Content courses fulfilling portfolio requirement (at least 25% AAS content)

2014-2015 Approved Courses

FALL 2014

  • ANS 383/HIS 382N/WGS 393 Japan: Histories Of Culture; Nancy, Stalker
  • ANT 389K/ MAS 392/LAS 391 American Immigrant Cultural Experiences; Martha Menchaca
  • ANT 391/ANS 391/MES 381 Cities and Citizenship; Ali, Kamran
  • HIS 389/AMS 391/WGS 393 Gender/Race/Natl Id In Us Hist; Green, Laurie
  • RTF 380G/SOC 396P Social Capital and Social Networks; Chen, Wenhong
  • SED 380 Critical Issues in Culture, Language, and Disability; North Cooc
  • SOC 389K International Migration; Rodriguez, Nestor


  • HIS 392/AAS 381 Race and Migration [Core course]; Hsu, Madeline
  • PA 383C Policy Development: American Race Policy; Dorn, Ed
  • RTF 387C Media and Diaspora; Madhavi Mallapragada


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