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Rhonda Evans Case, Director HRC 3.362, Mailcode F1900, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-9607

Funding Through the Clark Center

Eligibility Criteria 

The Clark Center welcomes proposals that satisfy the criteria outlined below. All faculty and graduate students affiliated with UT-Austin are eligible to apply. Those affiliated with the College of Liberal Arts, in which the Center is located, may receive added consideration. 

Funding Criteria 

Funds must be used directly by faculty and graduate students to advance knowledge and understanding of Australian or New Zealand politics and society, culture and literature, economics and business. Grants are intended to facilitate research in Australia or New Zealand or facilitate research collaboration with academics based in Australia or New Zealand. Research may focus exclusively on Australia or New Zealand, or it may treat either country in comparative context. 

Submission Instructions 

Review the Eligibility and Funding Criteria sections below. Complete all areas of the Applicant Information form and provide a Project Information Statement and a Budget Information Statement. Submit proposals as a single PDF file to the Clark Center for Australian & New Zealand Studies c/o Rhonda Evans Case ( 

Post-Award Obligations 

Faculty and students who accept awards agree to the following: (1) provide a report not later than three months after the funds have been used summarizing the research efforts undertaken and how they aided the recipient’s professional development, including but not limited to publications and conference presentations; (2) acknowledge the Clark Center’s support in any publications emanating from the funded research; (3) notify the Clark Center of any such publications in a timely fashion; (4) allow publicity about their research to appear on the Clark Center’s website and in its newsletter. 

Deadline and Notification 

Applications should be received by 31 January 2014. Applicants will be notified by email no later than 1 March 2014.

Click this link to access the application.


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