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CASA Fellow Advisory Update Regarding Protesters at U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt

Posted: September 12, 2012

12 Sept. 2012 Advisory Update from CASA Statside & UT-Austin

Dear CASA Fellows:

By now you may have heard that warning shots were fired on protesters at the US Embassy in Cairo on 11 September.  Dozens of activists –angered by a film that was reportedly produced in the U.S. and allegedly insults Islam – scaled one of the Embassy's walls, tore down the U.S. flag, and hoisted their own flag. Other protesters gathered around the Embassy to chat and encourage the trespassers. The protesters were eventually pushed back by Egyptian police.  The situation appears to be under control, however remains tense.  No one at the Embassy was harmed during the incident.

While this event is indeed disturbing, it does not appear that there is an organized intent to harm American citizens. Regardless, please be extra attentive to security advice distributed by American University of Cairo and the US Embassy. If you have not registered with the US Embassy in Cairo yet, please do so ASAP. This will allow you to receive timely update from the Embassy security staff regarding any further protest activities, restricted areas or other events that could impede travel in and around Cairo. (See to register).

If you are finding it difficult to find content about this incident in English, here are a few news reports (in no particular order):







September 11, 2011 Message to US Citizens from the Cairo Embassy:

Emergency Updates from AUC:

In Libya, United States ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed along with three of his staff in an attack on the consulate in Benghazi Tuesday night.

CASA, AUC and the University of Texas at Austin will continue to closely monitor the situation and will update this alert, as warranted.  If you are currently in Egypt and in need of immediate assistance please contact either CASA office (at AUC or Stateside), or the  International SOS anytime 24/7 at 215-952-8226.

Thank you,

CASA Stateside

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