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Domino R. Perez, Director BUR 552, Mailcode F9200, Austin, TX 78712 • (512) 471-4557

Cecilia Ballí

Assistant Professor Ph.D., Rice University

Cecilia Ballí



U.S.-Mexico Borderlands; Gender and Violence; Transnational Crime; Music and Identity; and Ethnographic Writing Strategies.

MAS 374 • U.S. Latino/A Ethnographies

36061 • Spring 2012
Meets TTH 1100am-1230pm SAC 4.118
(also listed as ANT 324L )
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This course explores past and present anthropological representations of Latinos/as in the United States. How have ethnographers studied and depicted U.S. Latino/a communities in various historical moments and geographic regions? How have they interpreted their lived experiences through the analytical lens of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, health, language, politics, cultural identity, musical expression, and material consumption practices?  Students will ask how these representations rest on particular notions of culture and cultural difference, and examine the rise of “native” ethnography and its implications for the practice of anthropology of and by Latinos/as.  They will concurrently carry out their own ethnographic fieldwork within a Latino community or social space in Austin, forming the basis of a final class essay which they will develop using feedback from small peer groups.

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