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Domino R. Perez, Director BUR 552, Mailcode F9200, Austin, TX 78712 • (512) 471-4557

Undergraduate Program

The Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS) offers a multi-disciplinary undergraduate degree program in Mexican American studies with concentrations in policy studies (including pre-law courses) and cultural studies.  The Bachelor of Arts degree works well as a major, double major, or minor, and serves as an important credential in applying to graduate or professional school and in today's job market and global economy.  Each concentration includes an introductory course and an advanced seminar.  Approximately 25 courses in Mexican American studies are offered each semester, including "Mexican American Literature and Culture," "History of Mexican Americans in the United States," “Chicano Educational Struggles," and "Latino Politics."  The overall degree program is designed to enhance how students understand Mexican American cultural practices, historical development, and socio-economic conditions.

CMAS also provides students with specific, targeted information and announcements about opportunities for scholarships, fellowships, and national internships.  Through participation in national internships and fellowships, students are able to further develop the marketable skills they will bring to their graduate study and the work sector, as well as broaden their network of employment and professional contacts.  In the last several years, MAS students have established an impressive record in a wide spectrum of prestigious internships, fellowships, and scholarships.

Please contact the undergraduate program office if you have questions about majoring in Mexican American studies.

Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Natasha V. Saldaña
Center for Mexican American Studies
(512) 471-2134

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