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Lorraine and Tom Pangle, Co-Directors BAT 2.116, C4100, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-6648

Fall 2010

Program in Core Texts and Ideas

Qualifying Courses Fall 2010

CC 301 Intro to Ancient Greece

CTI 301/HMN 316 Ancient Philosophy and Literature-W (Field)

CTI 302/GOV 314 Classics of Social and Political Thought (Dempsey)

CTI 302 Classics of Social and Political Thought-Honors (Dempsey)

CTI 304/RS 304 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and CT1 111 Core Texts of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (Newman)

CTI 310/ANS 301R  History of the Religions of Asia (Brereton)

CTI 310/CC 302 Intro to Ancient Rome

CTI 310/PHL 301L Early Modern Philosophy (Hochberg)

CTI 326/AMS 372 Tragic Comedy of American Democracy-W (Marshall)

CTI 335/PHL 349 History of Christian Philosophy (Gardner)

CTI 335/GOV 335 Might and Right among Nations (T. Pangle)

CTI 335/GOV 335 Religion and the Liberal State (Areshidze)

CTI 335/GOV 351D  Morality and Politics (Dana Stauffer)

CTI 345/FC 349 Fictions of the Self and Others-W (Wettlaufer)

CTI 345/LAH 350 Self and Society in Renaissance Culture (Rebhorn)

CTI 345/REE 325 The Russian Novel-W (O'Bell)

CTI 350/HMN 350 Masterworks of World Drama (Thurow)

CTI 366/ECO 357K Marxist Economics-W (Cleaver)

CTI 375/AHC 325-4 History of Greece to End of Peloponnesian War (Palaima)

CTI 375/LAH 350 Rhetoric of Great Speeches (Carver)

CTI 375/ISL 340-2 The Qur'an (Azam)

E 314L Classics and Classes (Kaulbach)

E 321 Shakespeare: Selected Plays

E 321 Shakespeare: Selected Plays-W (Malin)

E 363 The Poetry of Milton (Rumrich)

EUS 347 Leonardo da Vinci (Waldman)

FR 326K Introduction to French Literature I: Middle Ages-18C

FR 326L Introduction to French Literature II: French Revolution-Present

GOV 312P America's Constitutional Principles: Core Texts

GK 322 Advanced Greek I

GK 328 Pauline Epistles

HIS 315K US History 1492-1865 (Olwell)

HIS 334L The American Revolution and the Founding of the US and CTI 111 Core Texts on the American Revolution (Forgie)

HIS 343 The Age of Reformation (Boettcher)

HIS 350L The Galileo Affair-W (Hunt)

ITC 349-2 Dante (Raffa)

LAH 305 Reacting to the Past

LAH 305 Reacting to the Past-W (Sullivan)

LAT 322 Advanced Latin I

LAT 323 Advanced Latin II

PHL 301K Ancient Philosophy (Salas)

PHL 329K History of Ancient Philosophy (Hankinson)

PHL 329L Early Modern Philosophy: Descartes-Kant (Hankinson)

PHL 334K Existentialism and Nihilism (Hochberg)

PHL 375M Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit-W (Proops)

REE 325 Major Works of Dostoevsky (Livers)

RHE 330D Classical to Modern Rhetoric-W (Ruszkiewicz)

RS 315N Introduction to the New Testament (Friesen)

RS 318 Rise of Christianity (White)

SCA 323 Social Dramas of Henrik Ibsen (Hoberman)

SOC 379M Sociological Theory (Young)

UGS 302 Theories of the Theater-W (Kornhaber)


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