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Ian Nauhaus

Assistant Professor Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Ian Nauhaus



Ian is a faculty member in the departments of Neurobiology and Psychology, researching coding strategies and corresponding mechanisms of the brain’s visual system. We primates rely heavily on vision to guide our behavior and perceive the world.  By probing the circuits of the visual system with light from a computer monitor, our hope is to uncover general principles of how a healthy brain processes input from the natural environment. Many recently developed experimental tools for measuring activity of neural circuits should allow for new leaps in our understanding of the brain. 

Ian’s lab employs multiple imaging and electrophysiological methods to measure neural activity at different spatial and temporal scales.  Viral vectors are also used to measure this activity with greater specificity within the circuit.  These experimental tools are combined to investigate how populations of cells in the visual system encode visual input.  More specifically, Ian’s lab focuses on how feedforward circuits rapidly build efficient representations of a visual scene at successive stages of the visual hierarchy, and how feedback mechanisms steer these representations under different contexts.


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Spr 2015         BIO 366L                                 Neuroimaging Lab Course

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