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Wilson Geisler, Director SEA 4.328A, Mailcode A8000, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-5380

Jonathan William Pillow

Assistant Professor Ph.D., New York University

Jonathan William Pillow



Effective September 2014, Jonathan Pillow is an Assistant Professor at Princeton University.  Visit the link below for hisresearch and contact information.


Park, M. & Pillow, J.W. (2011). Receptive field inference with localized priors. PLoS Computational Biology (accepted) [abstract]

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Pillow, J.W., Ahmadian Y., & Paninski, L. (2011). Model-based decoding, information estimation, and change-point detection techniques for multi-neuron spike trains. Neural Computation 23:1-45. [abstract |

Ahmadian, Y., Pillow, J.W. & Paninski, L. (2011). Efficient Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods for Decoding Neural Spike Trains. Neural Computation 23:46-96 [abstract]

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Pillow, J.W. & Rubin N. (2002). Perceptual Completion across the Vertical Meridian and the Role of Early Visual Cortex. Neuron 33(5):805-13.


Semester        Course        Unique No.        Title

2014 Spr       NEU 394P       57790         Meths in Computational Neurosc

2014 Spr        Psy 394U       44330         Seminar In Computational

2014 Spr       Psy 394U       44345          TPCS Statistics/Neural
2014 Spr       SSC 384        59765           TPCS Statistics/Neural
2014 Spr       NEU 394P      57795          TPCS Statistics/Neural

2013 Fall        Psy 323         43710           Perception 

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