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Peter Stone

Associate Professor

Peter Stone



My main research interest in artificial intelligence is understanding how we can best create complete intelligent agents. Robust and efficient perception is an important component of such agents. I also consider both adaptation and interaction to be essential capabilites of such agents. Thus, my research focuses in large part on machine learning and multiagent systems. Application domains include robot soccer, autonomous bidding agents, traffic management, and autonomic computing.


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P. Stone, R.E. Schapire, M.L. Littman, J. Csirik, and D. McAllester. "Decision-Theoretic Bidding Based on Learned Density Models in Simultaneous, Interacting Auctions," Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, vol. 19, pp. 209-242, 2003.

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P. Stone and M. Veloso. "Task decomposition, dynamic role assignment, and low-bandwidth communication for real-time strategic teamwork," Artificial Intelligence, vol. 110, no. 2, pp. 241-273, June 1999.


Semester      Course     Unique No.       Title

2013 Fall      CS 311H       53685        Discrete Math Comp Sci: Honors

2013 Fall      CS 393R       54125        Autonomous Robots

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