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Wilson Geisler, Director SEA 4.328A, Mailcode A8000, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-5380

Andrew Tan

Andrew studies the auditory and visual cortices. He is interested in the synaptic organization that governs how we perceive sound arriving at the ear and light falling on the eye. His approach is the in vivo application of techniques such as whole cell recording and two-photon imaging that help bridge knowledge gained from in vitro and in vivo experiments. His first published tone-evoked inhibitory synaptic currents from an auditory cortex neuron is an exemplar of sparklines in Edward Tufte's "Beautiful Evidence".

Andrew received his primary and secondary education at the Anglo-Chinese schools in Singapore.  He read biology and physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and undertook doctoral work in neuroscience at the University of California, San Francisco.  He did postdoctoral research at the University of Oregon, and is now a postdoctoral fellow at The University of Texas at Austin.

Selected Publications

Tan A, Moratalla R, Lyford GL, Worley P, Graybiel AM (2000) The activity-regulated cytoskeletal-associated protein arc is expressed in different striosome-matrix patterns following exposure to amphetamine and cocaine.  J Neurochem 74:2074-2078.
Misawa H, Sherr EH, Lee DJ, Chetkovich DM, Tan A, Schreiner CE, Bredt DS (2002) Identification of a monogenic locus (jams1) causing juvenile audiogenic seizures in mice.  J Neurosci 22:10088-10093.
Zhang LI, Tan AY, Schreiner CE, Merzenich MM (2003) Topography and synaptic shaping of direction selectivity in primary auditory cortex.  Nature 424:201-205.
Tan AY, Zhang LI, Merzenich MM, Schreiner CE (2004) Tone-evoked excitatory and inhibitory synaptic conductances of primary auditory cortex neurons.  J Neurophysiol 92:630-643.
Tan AY, Atencio CA, Polley DB, Merzenich MM, Schreiner CE (2007) Unbalanced synaptic inhibition can create intensity-tuned auditory cortex neurons.  Neuroscience 146:449-462.
Tan AY, Wehr M (2009) Balanced tone-evoked synaptic excitation and inhibition in mouse auditory cortex. Neuroscience 163:1302-1315.
Wehr M, Hostick U, Kyweriga M, Tan A, Weible AP, Wu H, Wu W, Callaway EM, Kentros C (2009) Transgenic silencing of neurons in the mammalian brain by expression of the allatostatin receptor (AlstR). J Neurophysiol 102:2554-62.
Tan AY, Brown BD, Scholl B, Mohanty D, Priebe NJ (2011) Orientation selectivity of synaptic input to neurons in mouse and cat primary visual cortex. J Neurosci 31:12339-50.
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