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Wilson Geisler, Director SEA 4.328A, Mailcode A8000, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-5380

Anthony D'Antona

Anthony has been a postdoctoral fellow at UT’s Center for Perceptual Systems since September 2010 working under Dr. Wilson Geisler.  He completed his PhD at the University of Chicago in 2010 where he studied contextual influences on brightness and color perception.  His dissertation focused on the contribution of luminance and chromatic borders to color and brightness appearance as well as their underlying neural loci.  His undergraduate work was completed at Bucknell University where he majored in Psychology and Computer Science.  He is currently studying how the human visual system generates representations in regions of visual space that lack visual information.  A region of visual space may lack visual information due to occlusions, blind spots, angioscotomas, etc.  He is studying how the visual system reconstructs brightness, color, and contour information in these regions and comparing this to optimal models incorporating natural scene statistics.

Recent Publications:

D’Antona, A.D., Kremers, J., & Shevell, S.K. (2011).  Changes in perceived temporal variation due to context: Contributions from two distinct neural mechanisms. Vision Research, 51(16):1853-60.

Feitosa-Santana, C., D’Antona, A.D, & Shevell, S.K. (2011). What kinds of contours bound the reach of filled-in color? Journal of Vision, 11(2):2, 1-11.

Christiansen, J., D’Antona, A.D., & Shevell, S.K. (2009). The Neural Pathways Mediating Color Shifts Induced by Temporally Varying Light. Journal of Vision, 9(5):26, 1-10.

D’Antona, A.D. & Shevell, S.K. (2009). Induced Temporal Variation at Frequencies Not in the Stimulus: Evidence for a Neural Nonlinearity. Journal of Vision, 9(3):12, 1-11.

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