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Sat, March 6, 2010 • 11:00 AM

Explore UT, “The Biggest Open  House in Texas,” will be on Saturday, March 6, 2010.   As always, CREEES will have many events among the myriad offerings.  Check out the schedule below to plan your day.  And visit for full details on everything going on.

All-day events:

                      Front-Line Families in Russia’s North Caucasus

Daniel Gerstle’s photographs highlight the lives of individuals and the environment in which they live, providing a glimpse of life in the North Caucasus and specifically in the war-torn region of Chechnya.
11 am-4:40 pm
PAR 101

Children’s International Festival: The Dragon of Cracow
The legend of the Dragon of Cracow is well-known to Polish children.  In this activity, children will make a paper puppet of the dragon and take away a copy of the legend.
11 am-4:40 pm
South Mall

Central Asian Yurt
Yurts, lightweight portable felt tents, have been used in Central Asia and Mongolia for thousands of years. Learn about the lives and cultures of native populations of the steppe at the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies.  There will be a talk in the yurt at 11am, and then the yurt will remain open the rest of the day.
11 am-4:40 pm
                     HRH Courtyard

Children’s International Festival:  Name Writing and Greetings in World Languages
Language specialists from the College of Liberal Arts will demonstrate how to write your name and simple phrases in languages from around the world.  
11 am-4:40 pm
South Mall

Scheduled events:

11-11:40 am
Russia Cooks:  A Culinary Display
What do Russians eat during those long cold winters? Experience a sampling of some of Russia's most famous dishes and receive copies of the recipes to experiment with at home.
PAR 103

12-12:40 pm
Learn the Russian Alphabet in 30 Minutes or Less
Learn the Russian alphabet and how to read simple texts in 30 minutes.  You will learn ways to become comfortable with the Cyrillic alphabet and be able to read menus, signs and maps in Russian after one session with Russian language specialists.
PAR 103

1-1:40 pm
Learn the Russian Alphabet in 30 Minutes or Less (repeats)

Children’s International Festival: Slavadillo
The Slavadillo ensemble will perform Slavic music and songs on authentic instruments from Russia and Eastern Europe.  The performers will discuss the songs and instruments during the concert.
South Mall Stage

                       3-3:40 pm
The Origins of the Vampire
               More than 800 before Bram Stoker wrote "Dracula," the word "vampire appeared in medieval Russia. Through a discussion of history, literature and film,  the vampire will be presented in its Slavic and Western contexts.
CAL 100

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