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Presentation: "Future Energy in Kazakhstan," Presented by a Kazakhstani Alternative Energy Delegation

Wed, June 18, 2014 • 10:15 AM • Flawn Academic Center (FAC), across from Room 428


Five alternative energy government, business and NGO leaders from across Kazakhstan will speak on the UT Campus about their energy work and contemporary life in Kazakhstan. The group is visiting Austin for one week and is sponsored by the Open World Program of the US Congress (, the only international exchange program funded by the legislative branch of government.

While in Austin, June 13-21, 2014, the delegates will meet with green businesses, UT’s Energy Institute and environmental NGOs, such as Sierra Club and Texas Campaign for the Environment, to address alternative energy and green business technologies. The delegation will also meet with local, state and federal government representatives and environmental agencies to learn about greenhouse gas regulations and measurements in the US, how environmental regulations are drafted here and how government works with constituents, organizations and business on environmental policy. The talk will be held at UT Austin in the Flawn Academic Center (FAC), across from Room 428. 

The delegates are preparing for the 2017 World’s Fair to be held in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, with the theme of “Future Energy,” which will focus on sustainable energy development, promoting energy security and efficiency, and encouraging the use of renewable energy. (More info here: They represent two non-governmental organizations and a joint-stock company that work with the Republic of Kazakhstan government on greenhouse gas regulation and measurement, as well as on development of an economy friendly to green businesses; one delegate who works with an NGO that works nation-wide promoting energy efficiency and alternative energy; and one representative from a Kazakh oil company. 

The delegation is hosted in Austin by the Center for Safe Energy of the Earth Island Institute in Berkeley, CA. The talk is in conjunction with UT’s Energy Institute, the Center for Safe Energy, and the Open World Leadership Center. 

The delegates are available for interviews. For more information, please contact CSE Austin-based program manager, Tamara Kowalski, at (510) 520-8434. For more information on the Open World program, please contact Maura Shelden at (202) 707-8943 or visit

Sponsored by: Center for Safe Energy of the Earth Island Institute

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