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Mary Neuburger, Director BUR 452, 2505 University Avenue, Stop F3600, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-3607

Kirsten "Kit" Belgum

Associate Professor Ph.D., German, University of Wisconsin (Madison)




College: Liberal Arts

Home Department: Germanic Studies

Education: PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research interests:Nineteenth-century German literature and culture, gender and the German novel, 19th/20th century women writers, feminist aesthetics

Courses taught:

            graduate courses

GER 389K.1 Introduction to Scholarship

GER 392 Travel and Literature

GER 392 Creating a National Culture: Germany, 1750-1890

GER 392 Politics and Poetics: Heine and Büchner

GER 392 Ideology of Realism: Theory and Praxis

GER 392 Popular Culture and the Canon

GER 389K.6 Rhetoric and Stylistics

GER 386.3 German Literature: Enlightenment to Realism

            upper-division courses in English

GRC 323E/EUS 347/CL 323 European Travel Literature

GRC 360E/GOV 365N German Unification

GRC 360E/GOV 365N German Nationalisms

S 321/GRC 362E Question of Feminist Aesthetics

            lower-division course in English

EUS 303 Voyages that Changed the World

GRC 301/HIS 306N/GRG 309 Life of a City: 20th-Century Berlin

EUS 311 Preparation for Study Abroad in Europe

            upper-division German courses

GER 373 German Travel Literature

GER 363K Life Writing as Cultural History

GER 363K Biography and Autobiography

GER 363K German Nationalisms

GER 346L (361L) German Literature: Enlightenment to Present

GER 343C (325) Contemporary German Civilization

GER 356 Advanced Conversation and Composition

GER 322 Introduction of German Literature

GER 324 German Cultural History

            lower-division German courses

GER 310 Conversation and Composition

GER 312K Third-Semester German

GER 506 First-Semester German

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