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Jeannette Okur

Lecturer Ph.D., Ankara University, 2007

Lecturer, Turkish Program Coordinator
Jeannette Okur
" In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm... in the real world all rests on perseverance. (Goethe) "



Dr. Jeannette Okur has coordinated the Turkish Studies program at the University of Texas at Austin since 2010. Drawing upon extensive experience teaching not only Turkish, but also German and ESL, she continues to develop new curricular materials for Turkish language instruction at the Novice, Intermediate and Advanced proficiency levels.  As co-recipient of a 2015 UT Curriculum Innovation Grant, she is currently authoring print and online instructional materials for Turkish-language learners at the Intermediate-Mid to Advanced-Mid proficiency levels.  Dr. Okur’s research interests lie in the fields of comparative literature and literary translation, and she teaches Middle Eastern Studies courses, such as Love in the East and West, Turks in Europe, Urbanization in the Middle East:  Case Studies in Turkey, and Women Filmmakers in the Middle East.  She also organizes a regular Turkish film series, the UT Turkish-Ottoman Lecture Series, and a weekly Turkish conversation table.


modern Turkish/Turkic literature, film and cultural studies, teaching culture and literature in the foreign language classroom, comparative literature, translation studies
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