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Moscow (2013-16): Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad (GPA) Program


Federally-Funded Summer Study of Intermediate and Advanced Russian Language in Moscow

Introducing the Moscow-Texas Connections Program

Tentative Dates: June 1– August 7, 2015 (10 weeks)

The Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies (CREEES) in cooperation with the Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies (DSES) at The University of Texas at Austin (UT) is proud to announce the second year running a 10-week study abroad opportunity in Moscow, Russia. Made possible by a U.S. Department of Education grant, a group of 22 select Texas students will study at the prestigious Higher School of Economics in Moscow, one of the top institutions in Russia. In addition to intensive intermediate and advanced Russian language courses, the program offers content courses in English and Russian language in the areas of Russian history, economics, business, and law. This course of study will be accompanied by comprehensive career mentoring, as well as on-site networking and career mentorship opportunities, and a post-summer studying alumni network and job bank to promote professional development for participants. Dr. Nicholas Gossett will serve as the Resident Director and accompany the students to/from Moscow. 



There are only minimal costs to participants, including:

  • Visa costs, approximately $250
  • UT Application Fee (UT students only) $50
  • Affiliation Fee (UT students only) $400 
  • Health insurance coverage through the Study Abroad Office for the duration of travel ($19/week for a total of $190), plus the cost of any required pre-departure check-ups, tests, and inoculations
  • International Student ID Card $28 
  • Spending money for personal purchases, telecommunications and internet, etc.
  • Independent travel, transportation, sightseeing or meals outside of group activities
  • Transportation to/from Austin (plus accommodation, if necessary) 


All participants must partake in the following:

  1. Pre- and post-travel Russian language examinations to assess level of competency and progress
  2. Participation in a pre-travel orientation at the University of Texas on Saturday, May 30th, 2015
  3. Participation in a post-travel webinar for program evaluation
  4. Participation in career guidance activities in country and in the post-travel alumni network
  5. Ten weeks of study in Moscow, Russia (Tentative Dates: June 1-August 7, 2015)
  6. All participants must travel to/from Moscow as a group with the Resident Director. The tentative departure date for Moscow is Sunday, May 31st, 2015. The group will return to Austin on Friday, August 7th, 2015.   


In order to be eligible to participate in this program all participants must be:

  • citizen or permanent resident of the United States.    
  • Classified as a full-time graduate student, or undergraduate "junior" or "senior" as of summer 2015 at ANY post-secondary institution in Texas. All applicants must be enrolled as a student/graduate at a institution of higher education in the state of Texas for the Spring 2015 semester. Students must still be in a program of study and not have graduated prior to the start date of the program. Students from other universities across Texas are strongly encouraged to apply!   
  • Students should have completed (or achieved) an Intermediate or Second-Year Equivalency in the Russian language by the start date of the program.
  • A valid passport that does not expire before February 1, 2016.

If you are in any way eligible for Russian citizenship, you will not be granted a Russian visa and must enter Russia as a Russian citizen. Even if you are not eligible, but the Russian government believes you might be eligible, you may have to prove your ineligibility in order to obtain a Russian visa (ie. if you have a Slavic sounding last name). This is especially important for those born in the former USSR, those who have a parent or parents who were citizens of the USSR and/or the Russian Federation, or those adopted from the former USSR or Russian Federation. If you are not sure about your status we strongly recommend you contact Invisa Logistics Services (the company you will apply to get your Russian visa from) in Houston at 832.582.7951 or via e-mail at  

Important Liability Information **PLEASE READ CAREFULLY**


For UT Students:  

No University of Texas at Austin student, faculty, or staff can be required to travel to a Restricted Region ( Any participation in travel to a Restricted Region is strictly voluntary, and the participant assumes full responsibility for all risks associated with this travel.

For Non-UT Students:

As a condition of Participant’s Involvement with or participation in the program activities, the Participant will release, waive, discharge, and agree to hold harmless the University of Texas at Austin from all liability arising out of or in conjunction with Participant’s involvement with and/or participation in the program activities of the Moscow-Texas Connections 2015 Study Abroad Program. Participants of all Moscow-Texas Connections 2015 Study Abroad programs must acknowledge that the country (Russia) in which the Moscow-Texas Connections 2015 Study Abroad program activities may take place in whole or in part, or any other country through which the Participant may travel when involved with and/or participating in the program activities, or while in route to or from the program activities, may have health and safety standards substantially below those enjoyed in the United States. Participant must further acknowledge the inherent hazardous and dangerous nature of the program of activities as well as the above referenced risks of participating in the program activities or in traveling to, through or from the county/countries in which the program activities will take place, and must agree to assume all risk of illness, injury, or death from Participant’s Travel to or from the program activities and participation therein.    

Application Process:

The deadline to apply for MTC '15 will be sometime in the late fall of 2014. Check back after September 1st, 2014 for updated information.

  • A completed “Moscow-Texas Connections Application Form” with basic contact information, program relevant information.  The online application will go "live" on/about October 1, 2014. 


  • Personal Statement (500 words or less) on how the "Moscow-Texas Connections" program, and proficiency in the Russian language specifically further the applicant's educational or professional goals.
  • Letter of Reference from a professor assessing the applicant’s Russian language skills, explaining how the applicant might be a good fit for this program and use it to their professional advantage. (Letters should be signed, printed on official letterhead, and scanned into a .pdf file format). Letters of Reference must be sent directly to us from the professor via email, hand-delivery or regular mail. The e-mail address for your professor to submit the letter of reference is: Please notify us as to who will be sending the letter of Reference. We will not accept a letter of reference from a professor submitted by an individual applicant.  

  • A current Transcript from your academic institution. (Scanned copy, does not have to be official).

  • A scanned copy of the information page of your Passport. If you do not have a passport we strongly recommend you apply for one as soon as possible. If you have a passport but it expires before February 1st, 2016 we strongly recommend you apply for renewal of your passport as soon as possible.   

Submit your personal statement, transcript and scanned copy of your passport (information page) in .pdf format in ONE email to <> with “Moscow-Texas Connections Application: YOUR FULL NAME” in the subject line. Include your full name in the file name.

For more information, contact Dr. Nicholas Gossett (

or Elliott Nowacky ( at CREEES (tel. 512-475-6145).


Project Co-Directors:

Dr. Thomas Garza
Director, Texas Language Center
Associate Professor, Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies

The University of Texas at Austin
Burdine 452, 2505 University Ave. 
Austin, TX 78712

512-471-3607 (Slavic)
512-475-9649 (TLC)
Fax: 512-471-3368

Dr. Mary Neuburger
Director, Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies
Associate Professor, Department of History

The University of Texas at Austin
Burdine 452, 2505 University Ave.
Austin, TX 78712

Fax: 512-471-3368



The Department of Education Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad program provides grants to support overseas projects in training, research, and curriculum development in modern foreign languages and area studies for teachers, students, and faculty engaged in a common endeavor. Projects may include short-term seminars, curriculum development, group research or study, or advanced intensive language programs.

For more information on the Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Program, please visit

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