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Through our Lens: Russia~Eastern Europe~Central Asia~Siberia

Organized by Michelle Kelso and Karin Steinbrueck
Visit the online exhibit now   |  Photographers

The photographs in this exhibit depict Eastern Europe, Russia, and the other countries of the former Soviet Union through the lens of some members of the UT community who have lived there. Many of us travel there often and some of us live there still, even if only in the daydreams that transport us from our Austin offices and study carrels.

In Fall 2000, Karin Steinbrueck and Michelle Kelso, two graduate students connected with CREEES, solicited photos from UT students and faculty. They enlisted Prof. J.B Colson (School of Journalism) to head the panel that chose these 45 from among the hundreds of slides and snapshots they had collected. Karin and Michelle set to work in the UT Photojournalism lab scanning each of the photos, painstakingly removing dust spots from old slides in some cases, and making the digital prints you see here.

One-sixth of the world's landmass, covering twelve time zones, Eastern Europe and Northern Asia have witnessed some of this century's most dramatic events and the region contains some of the world's richest cultures and most beautiful landscapes. Together these images convey the extraordinary diversity of a region often thought to be uniformly "Russian" or "Slavic."

The online exhibit presents 16 out of 45 photographs from the actual exhibit. All images are copyright protected.
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