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Challenges, Choices and Context: Health Behaviors in Eastern Europe and Eurasia

March 23-24, 2007
The University of Texas at Austin

Papers posted on this page are conference drafts. Please do not cite without permission of the author.

Adriana Baban & Irina Todorova:
Baban: UCLA, Babes-Bolyai University, Romania
Todorova: Health Psychology Research Center, Bulgaria
"Reframing women's choice and responsibility for disease prevention: reflections on the embodied experiences of cervical screening in Romania and Bulgaria"
Download an abstract of Adriana Baban and Irina Todorova's paper (PDF, 109K)
Watch a QuickTime presentation of Adriana Baban and Irina Todorova's paper (MOV, 52MB)

Margaret Paxson:
Kennan Institute, Washington, DC
"Kuda Obratit'sia: Turning Towards Healing Powers in Rural Russia"
Download an abstract of Margaret Paxson's paper (PDF, 31K)
Download a full version of Margaret Paxson's paper (PDF, 439K)

Jill Owczarzak:
University of Kentucky
"Defining HIV vulnerability, determining responsibility, and designing prevention: Lessons from the Polish case"
Download an abstract of Jill Owczarzak's paper (PDF, 42K)
Download a full version of Jill Owczarzak's paper (PDF, 887K)
Watch a QuickTime presentation of Jill Owczarzak's paper (MOV, 2.7MB)

Elena Zdravomyslova & Anna Temkina:
EUSPB, St.Petersburg
"'Trust Problem' in the Research on Transformation of the Reproductive Healthcare in Russia"
Download an abstract of Elena Zdravomyslova and Anna Temkina's paper (PDF, 78K)

Khatuna Doliashvili:
University of Texas/ Tbilisi, Georgia
"Exploring HIV risk perception among women in Georgia: context of knowledge, behavior and misconception"
Download a full version of Khatuna Doliashvili's paper (PDF, 484K)

Kevin Irwin:
Yale University
"Imprisonment and the Structural Production of HIV Risk for Injection Drug Users in the Russian Federation"
Download an abstract of Kevin Irwin's paper (PDF, 13K)
Download a full version of Kevin Irwin's paper (PDF, 240K)

Erin Koch:
Middlebury College
"Tuberculosis as Survival? Shifting Meanings and Strategies for Wellness in post-Soviet Georgia"
Download an abstract of Erin Koch's paper (PDF, 49K)
Download a full version of Erin Koch's paper (PDF, 316K)

Jennifer Barrett:
University of Texas, Austin
"As Many as Allah Gives: Religion, Health, and Family Planning Decisions in Uzbekistan"
Download an abstract of Jennifer Barrett's paper (PDF, 37K)
Download a full version of Jennifer Barrett's paper (PDF, 484K)

Sarah Phillips:
University of Indiana
"'Survivor' in Ukraine: Living Disability in a Post-Soviet State"
Download an abstract of Sarah Phillips' paper (PDF, 32K)
Download a full version of Sarah Phillips' paper (PDF, 481K)

Ted Gerber:
University of Wisconsin, Madison
"Russian Doctors and HIV/AIDS: Results of a Survey"
Download a full version of Ted Gerber's paper (PDF, 213K)

Mark Sorensen:
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
“Biocultural Approaches to the Study of Health in the Post-Socialist Russia: Economic Status, Stress and Perceived Health in Yakutia”
Download an abstract of Mark Sorensen's paper (PDF, 73K)
Download a full version of Mark Sorensen's paper (PDF, 369K)

Julie Brown:
University of North Carolina, Greensboro
“Socio-economic Status and Health Disparities in St. Petersburg, Russia”
Download an abstract of Julie Brown's paper (PDF, 65K)
Download a full version of Julie Brown's paper (PDF, 344K)

Sergei Zakharov:
Higher School of Economics, Moscow
“Generation and Gender Programme (GGP/GGS): An Opportunity for Better Understanding of Contemporary Russian Family”
Watch a QuickTime presentation of Sergei Zakharov's paper (MOV, 5.5MB)
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