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Dr. Susan Sage Heinzelman, Director 2505 University Avenue, A4900, Burdine Hall 536, Austin Texas 78712 • 512-471-5765

300 Club

300 Club, started in 1994 was our first major fundraising effort. If you wish to support the center’s mission of addressing the challenges faced by women, men and families around the globe, this is a perfect way for you to become involved. The 300 Club provides a way to give relatively small gifts and at the same time have a very large impact. Members of the 300 Club contribute $100.00 for each of three years.

Funds from the 300 Club contribute to student scholarships, faculty development, and program support. As a member of the 300 Club, you will be invited each spring to a special event in conjunction with our annual conference.

Now is the time to help us continue to improve upon our standard of excellence and continue to reach new heights. Please take this moment to show your support for the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies by becoming a member of the 300 Club.

For information on how to become a 300 Club member, please contact Nancy Ewert at 512-471-5680

Women's and Gender Studies 300 Club Founding Members

Carmelina Cutro Albino, FL; Jean Andrews, Community; Jacqueline Angel, LBJ School; Katie Arens, Germanic Languages; Cheryl Armbrust, Community; Judith Bailey, Community; Nancy Baker Jones, Community; Suzanne Barber, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Ann R. Barker, Community; Peg Berdahl, Honorary Member; Jan Beyer, Management; Rebecca Bigler, Psychology; Mary Blitch, Honorary Member; Dorothy Blodgett, Community; Terrell Blodgett, Professor Emeritus; Carla Blumberg, Former Austinite; Laura Burney, San Antonio; Illene Busch-Vishniac, Johns Hopkins University; Elizabeth Butler Cullingford, English; Susan Cassano, Community; Frances Cushing, Community; Jess Chapin, UT Alumna; Chris Cowden, Women  and Their Work; Shannon Davies, Community; Desley Deacon, American Studies; Miriam DeFord, Community; Millie Douglas, Community; Laurie Eiserloh, UT Alumna; Donald L. Evans, Chairman, UT System Board of Regents; Rolland Fellows, Community; Elizabeth Fernea, English; Priscilla and Peter T. Flawn, Former UT President and President ad-interim; Betty Sue Flowers, English; Forbidden Fruit, Community; Carol Fredericks, Community; James Garrison, Chair, English; Lucia  and Jack Gilbert, Ed. Psych. and Chemistry; Melissa C. Gilbert, CA; Katherine Giltinan, Art Education (UT Graduate Student); Sue Grobe, Nursing; Barbara Harlow, English; Harriett Harrow, Community; Hillary Hart, Civil Engineering; Susan Heinzelman, English; Diane Henson, Community; Allison Hewitt, Development Office; Martha Hilley, Music; Joanna Hitchcock, UT Press; Martha Hudson, Community; Ted Huston, Human Ecology; Luci Baines Johnson, Community; Theresa Kelley, English; Ronya Kozmetsky, Community; Berf Kreitier, Friend of Women's Studies; Judy Langlois, Psychology; Alice Lawler, Community; Laura Lein, Social Work; George Lenox, Honorary Member; Carol MacKay, English; Margaret Magness, Community; Fawn Mahajan, M.E.L.C.; Linda Manning, TN; Susan Marshall, Sociology; Chris Maziar, University of Minnesota; Jessica McFaddin, Community; Karline McLain, Asian Studies, (UT Graduate Student); Ruth McRoy, Social Work; Lynn Miller, Communication Studies; Leslie Moore, Educational Psychology; Patricia Morrison, Community; Betty Nunley, African and African American Studies; Karen Nunley, Community; Mary O'Grady, UT Alumna; Pat Oxford, UT System Board of Regents; Beatriz Pappas, Community; Caren Phelan, Community; Austin and Irene Phelps, Community; Vijaya Ramachandran, Computer Sciences; Linda Reichi, Physics; Ann Reynolds, Art and Art History; Helen Reynolds, PA; Karen E. Rhodes, CA; Ann Richards, Community; Victoria Rodriguez, LBJ School; Karen Rossman, WA; Mary Sanger, Community; Alexander Schilt, Houston Community; Mariellen Schwentker, Community; Barbara Shaw Alford, Community; Faegheh Shirazi-Mahajan, Middle Eastern Language and Culture; Martha E. Smiley, Former UT System Regent and Friend of Women's Studies; Justice Bea Ann Smith, Third District, Texas Court of Appeals; Carlota Smith, Linguistics; Sherry Smith, Community; Janet Taylor Spence, Psychology; Janet Staiger, RTF; Bill Stott, AMS; Sharen Strover, RTF; Teresa Sullivan, VP and Dean, Graduate Studies; Cathy Surra, Human Ecology; Janet Swaffar, Germanic Languages; Ellen Temple, Former UT System Regent and Friend of Women's Studies; Jan Todd, Kinesiology  and Health Education; Kathryn Tulios, Friend of Women's Studies; Karen Uhlenbeck, Mathematics; Melba Vasquez, Community; Genevieve Vaughan, Foundation for a Compassionate Society; Dr. Niki Vick, Community; Lorraine Walker, Nursing; Ellen Wartella, Dean, College of Communication; Melba Whatley, Community; Robert Williams, Mathematics; Debbie Winegarten, Community; Ruthe Winegarten, Friend of Women's Studies; Zipporah Wiseman, Law School; and Susan Zachos, Friend of Women's Studies.
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