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Archive of WGS Alumni's Thesis/Report Titles

The following is a collection of the Center for Women's & Gender Studies former MA students and the links to their projects


Spring 2013 Saltan, Ece; M.A.

Transness: An Urban Phenomenon In IstanbulPDF


Spring 2013 Rozman, Rachel Beth; M.A.

The Evolved Radical Feminism Of Spoken Word: Alix Olson, Cc Carter, And Suheir HammadPDF


Spring 2013 Pascual, Michael Aaron; M.A.

Exceptional Feelings, Ordinary ViolencePDF


Spring 2013 Kolesova, Ekaterina Sergeyevna; M.A.

Defending Pussy Riot Metonymically: The Trial Representations, Media And Social Movements In Russia And The United StatesPDF


Spring 2013 Kohli, Namita; M.A.

Going Into Labor: (Un)Making Mothers In India's Transnational Surrogacy Markets.  PDF


Spring 2013 Dominguez, Victoria Ashley; M.A.

Between The Borderlands Of Life And Death: A Spiritual And Intellectual Journey Towards Developing ConocimientoPDF


Spring 2013 Arteaga, Nicole Ann; M.A.

Reclaiming Fat, Reclaiming FemmePDF


Fall 2012 Morris, Jennifer N.; M.A.

The Domestic Violence Act: Ghana's Bright Future.  PDF


Fall 2012 Lin, Jennifer Ruopian; M.A.

Femininity On Trial: Decoding Media Representations Of Mary Winkler.  PDF


Summer 2012 Wise, Rebecca Louise; M.A.

What Lies Beneath: Medical Imaging And The Erotic In Public Culture.  PDF


Summer 2012 Scott, Tynisha Shavon; M.A.

Chasing Afrodite: Performing Blackness And "Excess Flesh" In Film.  PDF


Summer 2012 Portillo, Juan Ramon; M.A.

"Hips Don't Lie" Mexican American Female Students' Identity Construction At The University Of Texas At Austin.  PDF


Summer 2012 Krenz, Kristin Leigh; M.A.

Women's Experiences Of Economic Empowerment: A Study On The Intent And Effect Of Ngo Empowerment Programs In Urban Ghana And India.  PDF


Summer 2012 Crafts, Lydia; M.A.

Sanitizing Interventions: PHS VD Research In Guatemala And The Rise Of Public Health.  PDF


Spring 2012 Wang, Yu; M.A.

In Search Of The "Cup Of Tea:" Intersections Of Migration, Gender, And Marriage In Transitional China.  PDF


Spring 2012 Siller Urteaga, Lorena; M.A.

Ni Domesticas Ni Putas: Sexual Harassment In The Lives Of Female Household Workers In Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.  PDF


Fall 2011 Poffinbarger, Sandra Rae; M.A.

Challenges To Women Finding Their Voice: A Case Study Of Speaking Up Against Sexual Assault When The Perpetrator Is A Federal Judge.  PDF

Fall 2011 Nathanson, Deborah Anne; M.A.

American Deaf Women Historiography: The Silent Minority.  PDF


Fall 2011 Poffinbarger, Sandra Rae; M.A.

Challenges To Women Finding Their Voice: A Case Study Of Speaking Up Against Sexual Assault When The Perpetrator Is A Federal JudgePDF


Spring 2011 Harding, Ashton Lee; M.A.

"It Won't Get Better Until We Make It Better" The Politics Of Self-Representation, Resistance And Empowerment In The Queer Youth Response To The It Gets Better ProjectPDF


Spring 2011 Hernandez, Virginia Rose; M.A.

"I'm Sorry This Hasn't Been A Fairy Tale": Examining Romance Reality TV Through The BachelorPDF


Spring 2011 Mott, Michelle Lea; M.A.

Testimonies Of Change: Experiences In Social Justice Activism In Austin, TX And London, UKPDF


Spring 2011 Young, Tatiana Kalaniopua; M.A.

Transsituated Publics: From Christine Jorgensen To Holly WoodlawnPDF 


Fall 2010 Abbott, Gretchen Voter; M.A.

The "Texas Women: A Celebration Of History" Exhibit: Secon-Wave Feminism, Historical Memory, And The Birth Of A "Texas Women's History Industry".   PDF


Summer 2010 Wright, Kristopher Thomas; M.A.

Queering Race.   PDF


Summer 2010 Lal, Anjali; M.A.

A Desriptive Study, And Exploration, Of The Services Provided By Seven South Asian Domestic Violence Organizations In The United States.   PDF

Summer 2010 Huang, Pengli; M.A.

A Search For Fun, Love, Or Equality: Boys' Love Fiction And Fans In China.   PDF

Summer 2010 Arar, Rawan Mazen; M.A.

Olive Oil, Salt And Pepper, Onions, Tea, Bread, And Sometimes Tomatoes: Economic Conditions Among Iraqi Refugee Women Living In Urban Areas Of Jordan.   PDF

Spring 2010 Reyes, Ganiva; M.A.

" It's Not Because I Wanted It...I Knew I Wasn't Ready": Young Mothering Teens In Borderlands Speak Out About The Pressures Of Sex, Love And Relationships.   PDF


Spring 2010 Nelson, Patricia Elise; M.A.

The Politics Of Film Adaptation: A Case Study Of Alfonso Cuaron's Children Of Men.    PDF


Spring 2010 Forrest, Katherine Elizabeth; M.A.

Gender Disparities In Competitive Cycling: An Analysis Of The Structural, Socio-Cultural, And Individual Factors Affecting Female Participation In Texas.   PDF

Spring 2010 Corbin, Starr-Renee; M.A.

Raising Parents: Breastfeeding Trends From 1900 To Present Day.   PDF

Summer 2009 Kurniasanti, Imaculata Primadona Susi; M.A.

Ghost Stories: Public Memories Of The 1998 Riots In Indonesia

Spring 2009 Smith, Adeline Jocelyn; M.A.

Representations Of Transgender Young Adults In Multiple Medias, Or The Transgender Success Story.   PDF

Spring 2009 Michels, Paul Glenn; M.A.

Punk, Politics, And Subjectivity: Re-Imagining A Politics Of Dissent

Spring 2009 Jones, Catherine Elizabeth; M.A.

Confessions Of A White Feminist: Reflections On White, U.S. Middle-Class Women's Activism In Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico


Spring 2009 Engle, Lea Susan; M.A.

"I Don't Know How I Did This": Investigating Confidence Differences Between Male And Female Students


Fall 2008 Turullols, Valerie Mia; M.A.

Fat Women's Experiences In Amateur Cyber Pornography

Summer 2008 Redwine, Gabriela Gray; M.A.

The Value Of Letters: Homoerotic Representation In Oscar Wilde's Letters And Roger Casement's Black Diaries

Summer 2008 Karimi Goudarzi, Katayoon; M.A.

The One Million Signatures Campaign: A Study Of Iranian Feminist Movement From The Post-Revolutionary Era To The Present


Summer 2008 Dickhut, Johanna Evelyn; M.A.

Investing In Fashion: Women's Clothing In Office Settings

Summer 2008 Agarwal, Kritika; M.A.

From Youthful Sexuality To Chaste Tradition: The Politics Of Cultural Authenticity Among Indian Immigrants In The United States

Spring 2008 Osborne-Lee, Azure Dee; M.A.

Filling The Void: The Effects Of The Internet On Black Women's Hair Culture In The United States Of America

Spring 2008 Niori, Michiko; M.A.

F-2 Visa - Journey To Invisibility: Asian International Graduate Students' Wives At The University Of Texas At Austin - A Pilot Study

Spring 2008 Matthews-James, Brandi Carla; M.A.

The Role Of Women And The Grotesque In Lydia Cabrera's Afro Cuban Tales

Spring 2008 Komujinya, Prudence; M.A.

Women's Rights In Uganda: A Case Study Of The Elusive Domestic Relations Bill

Summer 2007 Niskala, Judith A.; M.A.

Girls' Voices And Social Policy: An Examination Of The Effect Of Social Policy On Girls' Sexuality

Spring 2007 Madden, Jaime Danielle; M.A.

Semipublic Communities: Group Spaces Conducive To Efforts To Constructively Engage Embodiment And Particularity

Spring 2007 Green, Stephanie Volkoff; M.A.

"For What Noble Cause?": A Media Analysis Of Gender And Citizenship Within The United States Nationalist And Anti-War Rhetoric

Spring 2007 Betzner, Noel Marie; M.A.

A Closer Look At The Woman's Right To Know Act: The Sociology And Politics Of Women's Reproductive Health Care In Texas

Spring 2006 Sindt, Andria Caroline Salucka; M.A.

Restorative Justice: Is Austin, Texas Ready For An Alternative Approach To Domestic Violence?

Spring 2006 Moody, Rebecca A.; M.A.

(Im)Pure Thoughts: Rethinking Women's Ritual And Physical Impurity

Spring 2006 Koonce, Melissa Suzanne; M.A.

Identity Construction And Community Building In Austin's Drag King Culture

Spring 2006 Gladney-Lemon, Laura Jo; M.A.

The Real World: Size Discrimination And Fat Activism

Spring 2005 Westerband, Yamissette Milagros; M.A.

"Si Me Sale Joto Lo Mato": The Social Deconstruction Of Feminine Gay Males

Spring 2005 Todd, Susan Gayle; M.A.

The Weird Sisters, Hand In Hand: A Female-Centric Adaptation Of Shakespeare's Macbeth

Spring 2005 Smith, Wendy Leigh; M.A.

"I'm Not A Feminist, But...": Predictors Of Feminist Identification Among College Women

Spring 2005 Shu, Yongzhen; M.A.

Cinema On Borderline: Chinese Independent Films In The 1990's

Spring 2005 O'shields, Kathryn Paige; M.A.

Ink: A Collection Of Short Fiction

Spring 2005 Freyjadis-Chuberka, Suzanne Marie; M.A.

The Battle For Screen Time: The Exclusion Of Women And Girls As Video Game Players

Spring 2005 Canelo-Pino, Ximena Carolina; M.A.

Gender And Substance Abuse: An Annotated Bibliography For Chilean Social Scientists

Spring 2004 Ross, Leah Michelle; M.A.

The Rhetoric Of The "Boys In Blue" Between The Letter And The Implementation Of Law: Negotiating Counter-Public Agency In The Rural South

Spring 2004 Bitney, Catherine Suzanne; M.A.

Ripples: Colliding With Traditional Systems Of Control

Spring 2003 Swan, Tracey Chere; M.A.

Women In The White City: The Rhetoric Of Race And Womanhood At The 1893 World's Columbian Exposition

Spring 2003 Ruppar, Carrie Aliene; M.A.

Debugging The "Computer Scientist"

Spring 2003 Levy, Alyssa R.; M.A.

Between Blue Hours

Spring 2003 Cross, Sarah Helen; M.A.

Tense:Future Mood:Subjunctive ...Pause... Conversation On Political (Im)Possibilities

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